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Big Brother recap: Jeremy goes on the block

The houseguests conspire against Jeremy, and Kaitlin faces a difficult choice.

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Big Brother
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We hold these truths to be self-evident, our Founding Fathers wrote in 1776, That all Big Brother players weren’t created equal, but they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Showmances.

It was a high-class affair last night in the Big Brother house featuring some George Washington/Jeremy fan art that will likely haunt many viewers’ dreams, a doomed romance that makes Romeo & Juliet look promising and even an appearance by Judd! He’s host of the PoV competition now! He has a purpose!

The episode kicked off with Helen explaining their plan to backdoor Jeremy so that he wouldn’t have the option to get himself taken off the block by way of PoV. The question was, which former member of doomed alliance Moving Company would the MVP put on the block: Spencer or Howard? Both Howard and Spencer realized they could easily be the nominee, and attempted to clear the air with Helen, fearing for their lives. Helen turned on the waterworks with Spencer, explaining in the Diary Room “I’m a mom, when I cry my kids do what I want them to do. So here comes the waterworks.” #MomOfTheYear.

We also learned Elissa is MVP for the third week in a row (Side note: This is getting ridiculous), so power couple McCrae and Amanda have a strategy conversation with her about who to put on the block. They want Howard. Amanda proved once again she doesn’t mince words when she sharply explained, “Spencer is not a physical nor mental threat,” which is one spear grab away from saying “Why don’t we just kill Piggy right now?” McCrae agreed with her, but Elissa is uncomfortable doing all the dirty work of putting strong guys up that have no chance of actually going home — because, as everyone in the house repeatedly explained, Jeremy is getting voted off the island this week. Amanda and McCrae together could easily carry each other to jury, but Amanda might need to learn to dial it back a bit. She stormed out of the room when it became clear Elissa wasn’t instantly caving to her demands, as she’s grown accustomed to with a lovesick McCrae. Important note: Andy was in the room for this entire conversation, but seemed to be sticking to his Milford Academy “Be neither seen nor heard” strategy.