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Big Brother recap: 'Big Brother' recap for Sunday, August 11

On the Aug. 11th episode of One House to Live, Amanda questions where McCrae’s loyalties truly lie

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Big Brother went full soap-opera on Sunday night, and it’s no surprise, given that the episode began with a flashback to Candice’s spectacular, clown-costumed flameout. After that tirade, GinaMarie was more convinced than ever that Candice was the “rat and big mouth” she believed her to be. (Also, it must be noted that GinaMarie is still wearing Nick’s baby-blue ball cap, obviously because their love was definitely warmer than an orange flame but didn’t quite have the time to get white-hot, so blue is ever so fitting — that’s the metaphor she was going for, right?) We get to see even more of the catty back-and-forth between the “ladies,” which includes accusations of infrequent showering (Gina to Candice) and the “so 10 years ago” practice of wearing color contacts and a tongue ring (Candice to Gina). Of course, GinaMarie finds an excuse to make it all about Nick yet again when she waves the blue hat at Candice and says, “This is why you’re going home.”

But things reach a real low point when GinaMarie tells the adopted Candice, “Even your mother didn’t want you.” Whoa. Way to bring a gun to a catfight.

At this point, Aaryn decides GinaMarie has gone too far (Aaryn is well-acquainted with what “too far” looks like, especially in dealing with Candice) and worries the tirade will put a big target on the two blondes. Helen, meanwhile, is a human being, so she actually talks about the comment in the context of real life and real emotions, instead of just wondering how it will affect her game.

But Aaryn’s worries are short-lived, as she promptly wins HoH in the all-important double-eviction episode. She’s not too pumped, though, realizing that this key Head of Household win will land her in “blood up to my shoulders.” Unsanitary, to say the least.

Surprisingly, Aaryn considers putting up her closest ally in the house, GinaMarie, because of her outburst. Does Aaryn seriously not see that the Lawn Guyland pageant queen is the only one truly on her side? Well, it turns out she does see that, because she ends up nominating Jessie and Spencer instead — and then fan-favorite good ol’ boy Judd goes up in a surprise backdoor move! Judd, we’re really going to miss that bear-snacking-on-a-fish long-sleeve.

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