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Big Brother recap: A tale of an eviction and a showmance

Aaryn’s mean, GinaMarie’s obsessed, and another contestant goes home

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Jeremy Big Brother
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“I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m popular.” –Mean Girls

Tonight’s episode should have been all about Jeremy who – to the surprise of no one – was voted out of the house last night in a successful backdoor plan orchestrated by Helen. But let’s be real here. You have all gathered to discuss what the heck is wrong with GinaMarie and Aaryn, right? Even by Big Brother standards, some crazy stuff went down last night.

Briefly: Jeremy knew his hours were numbered, but he also knew Big Brother is all about the big moves, so he tried – rather convincingly, I might add – to stage a last-ditch effort to save himself. Some of his ideas weren’t the best; wearing a baby costume that he didn’t have to wear solely to show the other houseguests his “softer side” was certainly an interesting choice. But when he dropped the cocky attitude, he did seem like a much more appealing guy to be around. Of course, the biggest thing going for Jeremy he didn’t have anything to do with: Aaryn was becoming more unlikable by the day.

Working theory: Aaryn saw Mean Girls at too young of an age, and has become convinced Regina George is the heroine of the movie, and modeled all of her behavior thus far on The Plastics. To wit: When talking to Jeremy as he was going on his Mea Culpa tour, she said, “People hate people who are good at things,” and “People hate people because they’re cute.” She might as well have added, “I heard Jessie made out with a hot dog.”

The Aaryn/Regina George similarities went even further last night during the episode’s buzziest moment. McCrae and Amanda (together of course) as well as Andy, Judd and Aaryn were sitting around talking about GinaMarie’s crazy obsessive crush on dearly departed Nick. It’s still going strong, apparently, because she has some of his cereal on her dresser, as well as his hat and coffee mug. Amanda accurately referred to it as her “Fatal Attraction shrine.” I will refer to it as a set piece in the inevitable Lifetime movie based on the forthcoming stalking case. Led by Amanda, the group decided to hide some of the items, which – to be fair – is mean, but the kind of prank that could be funny depending on how GinaMarie took it. Spoiler alert not necessary: She did not take it well.