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Big Brother recap: Introducing Ian McShame

Ian emerges as a power player after Nair-ing his armpits; Shane makes the game’s first big move

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“Much like in life, in this game, it’s never over.”  –Coach Dan

The power has once again shifted in the BB house. For all you Mike Booger haters: rise up — your time is now.

I dunno about you fellow viewers, but the past few episodes have me a whole lot more excited about what’s to come for the rest of the season. Besides the forthcoming double-eviction, I’ve got my fingers crossed for some sort of Frank vs. Ian fight till death over Ashley, the spawning of additional Zingbot offspring, and plenty more factual statements from Chef Joe like, “I named I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” I suppose Jenn spontaneously combusting on camera also ranks pretty high on my list.

Continuing where we’d left off previously in the HOH Competition, each contestant had three jug-filling options from which to choose: the HOH jug, a $10K prize jug, or a “Safety” (from this week’s eviction) jug. According to Ian, the houseguests were “falling over more than a drunk girl in heels.” He’s right — graceful would certainly not be a word to describe this game.

With his fate and faith resting solely upon the shoulders of a guy that calls himself “Mike Boogie,” Frank was correct in his assessment that Boogs had sacrificed their opportunity to hold on to power this week by being the sole player to go for the $10K instead of HOH. It should come as no surprise that Boogie went right for the cash. He needs money for diapers, which also should come as no surprise.

In a rare, intuitive moment, Frank pontificated that he hopes his decision to follow Booger’s advice by “not backdooring Dan won’t come back to bite me this week.” Well Frank, guess what?

Shane, Danielle and Ian all chose to go after the HOH jug, while Dan, Britney and Ashley went for “Safety.” Britney’s logic was that by going for “Safety”, she would automatically be safe for one more week while also having the chance to compete in next week’s HOH Competition. Her strategy proved effective, as she was the first one to fill up the “Safety” jug, granting her immunity this week.

Despite falling on his ass and claiming to have cracked his tailbone, Shane pulled out this week’s HOH victory. Given Shane’s double alliance, all members of both the Quack Pack and Silent Six believed themselves to be safe from the block. But former Coach Brit thought the time was now for Shane to make a big move and shake up the house a bit.

Before Britney even had the chance to relay her plan to the rest of the Quack Pack, Ian revealed to her the latest conversation he had with Booger.  Evidently, Boogie said way too much to Ian pre-HOH, suggesting that either Britney or Shane should be next to go up on the block.  Of course, this new information just instilled more fear in Britney that Frank and Boogie were planning to target her and Shane next.

As it turns out, Ian may be much more of a craftier player than one might expect from a guy who prides himself on volunteering for the worst household duties (slop, dog day) and highlights the ability to kick himself in the face at the top of his list of talents. Our emerging power player Ian explained, “Even though Frank and Boogie think I’m playing with them, my true alliance is to the Quack Pack. So if it’s better for myself and the Quack Pack for Boogie and Frank to go up this week, that’s just what has to happen.” Quack.

Britney confirmed, “No question that Frank and Boogie both need to go up on the block this week.” Then telling Shane, “Either you get the first strike, or they [Frank and Boogie] get it.”

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