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Big Brother recap: Slice of Lime

Frank regains control; the backyard is a “magical lemon-lime garden”

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Things are on the up and up, BB fans. Last night’s episode was complete with back spasms, NASA and dunking…not to mention a whole lot more of the ongoing Froogie bromance (Frank + Boogie = Froogie). I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Froogie continues to run things, but frankly (no pun intended), I’m kinda sorta over it.

Which begs the question: can and will Froogie go all the way?

With “The Silent Six” now working together, it does seem likely that Boogs and Frank may just be able to stick it out. Britney sure seems to think so; having told Danielle that she thinks Frank is going to win the game.

But Danielle can’t be bothered to ponder over strategy. She has more important things to think about. Like why Shane will only kiss her in public. Danielle and Shane’s showmance or lack-there-of surely takes the cake for the least steamy reality romance in history. But I’m liking Danielle’s blunt approach this episode. Now Shane just needs to put out or shut up.

Back up in the HOH room, it was time for Frank, Boogs and Coach Dan to talk some major strategy. The Silent Six clearly has a strong alliance, but is it in their best interest to nominate one of their own as a pawn this week? Coach Dan wasn’t about to volunteer, despite Frank’s suggestion – Dan still doesn’t completely trust Froogie.

As we know, trust comes and goes in the BB house. Chef Joe was livid after Janelle’s eviction since he got blindsided and was the only person who voted to keep Janelle in the 8-to-1 eviction. As we are coming to know, Chef Joe also lacks an “indoor voice”. Does anyone else feel like Chef Joe is always yelling at us?

After confronting his former teammates Wil and Ashley, Chef Joe was convinced that he would be up on the block this week. Ashley wants to know, “Are we just like the chitlins that are easily targeted?” Yes Ashley, you are all pig intestines.

NEXT PAGE: To Have or to Have-Not, that is the Question.