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Big Brother recap: Caleb wins HOH in restart to week's play

Last week begins again with a new HOH and a new opportunity for Frankie to be targeted.

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We have entered the final stretch, America. Though the contestants probably have no clue how much longer they have left in the house, a winner will be crowned next week. But who really knows what’s going to happen in the mean time? Julie Chen even seems surprised by all of the surprises at this point.

But before fast-forwarding to the end, let’s rewind. After pushing the golden button of unidentified hope, a.k.a. the first Big Brother Rewind button, all of last week game was about to be restarted and replayed and Frankie was really happy about it. After all, he won both the HOH and POV competitions and the houseguests would literally just be playing the same games again. This is when Broadway Mode Frankie should come out and use the skills and mind-set of performing the same show eight times a week for repeat victories. Of course, Frankie is the only one who wants a literal rewind and everyone else playing the game (sorry, Victoria) has their eyes set on Frankie as a target. That all sounds about right since Derrick, Cody, and Caleb tried to get Frankie out last week as well before he won all the power of course.

The “Seed-Saw” competition played out in a similar fashion to it’s first go around, only this time the rain was a lot colder and harder for the houseguests. The water only makes Caleb’s focus stronger though and he continued to pull ahead against Frankie after Cody jinxed his success and dropped a seed, again. So far, everyone was playing into the literal rewind thing, or so it seemed. Before the competition replay, Frankie eagerly whispered around the boys that whatever happens out there, it “changes nothing.” The only way he can assure that is if he does in fact win HOH again and well, change nothing. Caleb must have learned something though from the first time because he was able to follow through on his lead and win.

Okay, so that’s already one big change into the redo week now that Caleb is HOH instead of Frankie, but the question remains whether or not the Beast Mode Cowboy has the Beast Mode balls to make a bigger change in the game altogether. Sweet, manipulative Derrick continues his mind play on everyone and is set on using this week as the time to peel Frankie and Caleb apart. Well, it’s either this week or the next so take your pick really at this point cause it’s too late in the game to really call anything a “big move.” Naturally, one by one each houseguest will be evicted until there is one winner and with only five people left making the decisions, it seems redundant to hyperbolize strategy. As Charlie Sheen would say, it’s just called winning.

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