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Big Brother recap: Bombs Away, Oy Vey!

The house is put into unrest after a secret pairing is revealed and secrets come out

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Readers, this season of Big Brother is turning into the Summer of Sausage.

That’s right, another lady exited the house this week, meaning the women are now outnumbered 2 to 1. Not that I mind all that much, but we’ve seen a lot of girls take the fall while a viable all-male alliance sits (rather idly, I might mention) right underneath everyone’s nose!

Kristen came close to exposing the Brigade this week, but right as she was hot on their trail, she was voted out. Meaning, of course, The Animal got to stay in the house. I’m talking about HAYDEN, the Brigade member, not the Muppet. Don’t worry; I get them confused, too.

It was obvious to most after the veto ceremony that Britney had been convinced by Rachel not to use the veto. As Kathy aptly observed, ”She’s playing with the devil.” I think that’s a bit harsh. Poison Ivy, maybe, but the devil? Hmm.. then again, you don’t want to underestimate what a woman is capable of if someone ”messes with their man.”

Kristen was torn up by the idea that she’d have to campaign against HAYDEN because he was someone she ”had formed a bond with.” Thankfully, it appears she has no problem forming bonds, considering she had a pre-BB boyfriend waiting for her back home. Well, he was waiting, but more on that later.

Outside, Brendon and Rachel were quick to assure HAYDEN that he was safe this week. Well, as safe as someone on the block can be, but that was good enough for him. ”I just need to sit tight and keep my mouth shut,” he said in the diary room, whilst once again unconsciously (?) giving himself a man-boob massage with his thumbs.

Meanwhile, Britney continued her Save Lane campaign (although Lane was in no direct danger in this episode). I initially thought she should have saved those cards for later, but then I saw what she did. She told Enzo about Rachel’s plan to replace HAYDEN with Lane on the block had she used the veto. This angered Kitty, I mean Meow-Meow. ”They better grow eyes on the back of their heads because the Brigade’s coming after them,” he threatened. I’ve learned this the hard way, Enz, don’t give science nerds unnatural ideas. It always ends in disaster. Just look at what Rachel does with a simple box of hair dye. Kidding!

Speaking of Rachel’s head, Kristen wanted to ”rip it off” after Britney told them the truth behind her decision not to use the veto. It was a brilliant move on Britney’s part to tell the tale to anyone with an ear. Not only does she have Rachel and Brendon’s trust because she kept the nominations the same, but she has the others feeling sympathy for her situation. Uhm, awesome?

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong about a person. I wasn’t a huge Britney fan in the beginning, but she’s turned into a good player, one that could in coming weeks have a spot in both of the house’s strongest alliances. Did you see that coming? I sure as heck didn’t, y’all!

”Floaters get a life veeessssssst”