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Big Brother recap: Hey, Judas

After Jessie’s eviction, Jerry becomes convinced that Dan is evil; meanwhile, the alliances keep shifting, but Libra is voted out unanimously

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Big Brother is a game. Libra was a player. She always gave 110 percent. She didn’t come here to make friends. She was the puppet master. You have to expect the unexpected. Karma is a bitch.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t usually talk in reality-show clichés, but I’ve just spent the greater part of a work day painstakingly reviewing this week’s three BB episodes in preparation to sub for your usual TV Watcher, Josh Wolk, who found out after going on vacation that his accommodations have no DVR and poor Internet access. I know you’re disappointed, but I promise I’ll give 110 percent, and please don’t be too harsh on the message boards, because karma is a bitch.

Okay, game on!

Sunday’s show opened with Michelle seeing red, and not just because she was still stuck wearing that unitahd. She was furious that Dan had broken his word and helped vote out her beloved Jessie. Jerry, equally furious, accused Dan of ”hiding behind his cross” (an accusation he would repeat ad nauseam throughout the week). Dan defended himself by saying he wasn’t wearing his crucifix when he promised to keep Jessie in, and he later told the camera in the confessional (appropriately enough) that he took it off before the vote. This was oddly reminiscent of Jerry’s statement that he changes out of his Marine garments before doing anything dishonorable. Josh has pointed out that this is like the most obvious poker tell ever, but Dan may have Jerry beat.

Libra told the confessional camera how happy she was to see Jessie go. ”Peace out! Deuce! Shake it till you make it! Make sure you don’t let the door hit you.” (See why I’m finding it hard to get clichés out of my head?) Launching another theme of the week, April and Michelle accused Libra of being a bad mother, a charge that she basically ignored, though she felt compelled to reply when Jerry called her a ”dummy.” ”Last time I checked, I graduated from Rice F—ing University,” she said. ” Cumma f—ing magna, cumma laude, cum, cumma, magna cum laude…look it up!” Kind of reminded me of those ”Harverd” T-shirts. (Read our interview with Libra.)

Michelle acknowledged that with all the hatin’, most people weren’t really up for faking enthusiasm over her head-of-household room, but everyone dutifully shuffled in, and April even managed to rave over photos of Michelle’s pet rabbit and her brother, whose letter Michelle read aloud. ”Make Rhode Island proud,” he’d written, probably before the show began airing.

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