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Big Brother recap: The end of Jessie, the beginning of the end

The house explodes in a supernova of petty arguments, as a new mega-twist looms.

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Big Brother Recap

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Watching Jessie in her final days was like watching a dying animal that didn’t even know it was wounded. “I’m still the pawn, right?” she asked Andy, desperately. She could sense bad vibes. Helen and Elissa weren’t looking her in the eye anymore. Amanda was treating her even worse than usual. She wasn’t angry, just confused. From her very first day in this house, Jessie has wanted more than anything to be a part of something. An alliance. A showmance. A friendship. A pawn that knew which master it belonged to. A dying animal is dangerous. And so Jessie walked out to Amanda and McCrae and casually informed them that Helen was plotting against them, had been plotting against them since last week.

This was all just music to Amanda’s ears. Amanda has been a powerful person in the Big Brother house for a long time now, and it’s becoming clear that she has one incredible power that makes her dangerous: She is very paranoid about everyone, all of the time. So hearing that Helen was plotting against her was an empowering moment. She went upstairs and told Helen and Elissa that Jessie was making waves. She wanted to instigate a showdown. She wanted, more than anything, to have her worst instincts about Helen validated. I get the vibe that most people don’t like Amanda — heck, America put her on the block twice in two weeks — but she is ascendant right now. She can smell Helen’s blood in the water.

So she stood back and watched as Helen’s entire game imploded, all because Jessie finally refused to shut up. Jessie couldn’t understand why Helen was lying about backstabbing Amanda — and then she did understand, and she just didn’t care. “You told me you wanted to get Amanda out,” said Jessie. “I have no recollection of that,” said Helen. “You told me Elissa was onboard,” said Jessie. “I have no recollection of that,” said Helen. CUT TO: Helen’s version of the Nixon tapes, when she specifically said, “Elissa is onboard. Let’s get Amanda out. I am definitely not going to fight with you about this next week.”

It was right about now that Aaryn reappeared, still covered in the blood of unbaptized children after her refreshing trip to the outer layers of the Inferno. Aaryn stage-whispered: “Golly guys, it sure is a good thing we’ve all been plotting to kick Jessie out of the house this week, right?” Jessie heard it all, listening outside of the door like a seven-year-old who got out of bed to listen to Mom and Dad fighting. So that was her final proof: Everyone really was out to get her. She wouldn’t go down without a fight. She would ruin everyone’s game. She would throw bombs right and left.

It was an empty threat, of course; Jessie was such an inconsequential figure that she didn’t even have enough fake facts to impact anyone’s game. But she got under GinaMarie’s thin skin when she told her that Aaryn regularly insulted her behind her back. GinaMarie is an interesting player at this moment in the game, because it’s just beginning to dawn on her that she will not win this game. So she went upstairs and got into a loud screaming match with Aaryn. The conversation went something like this:

Aaryn: “I don’t know why you’re still talking.”

GinaMarie: “I’m just talkin’, here!”

Aaryn: “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.”

GinaMarie: “Awww, okay! Everybody wake up! Aaryn’s embarrassed! Come see Aaryn get embarrassed!”

Aaryn: “Shut up!”

GinaMarie: “How come? [mouthfart]”

The fact that GinaMarie looked like a fifteen-year-old beauty queen pretending to be an early-90s gangsta rapper — and the fact that Aaryn looked like a Disney squid-woman pretending to be a Disney princess — made the whole event extra-surreal, especially since neither of them actually said anything bad about each other.

NEXT: Farewell, Jessie…for now


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