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Big Brother: Over the Top recap: Season 1, Episode 7

A big target goes home as a new alliance forms

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Big Brother: Over the Top

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In most situations, a duel of four vs. two seems it would result in an obvious victory for the larger team. However, most teams of two aren’t Shelby and Morgan. (Or, if we’re being real, just Shelby). With the Ball Smashers down to its final two players, it seemed pretty certain that, facing the Late Night Jamboree, it would most likely be the end of the road for either Shelby or Morgan. But somehow…it wasn’t!

I’ve gotta give props to the girls for hanging in there and fighting through, all while knowing the whole house is against them (are we still calling them the Ball Smashers since it’s just the two of them?). This week’s HOH competition is some big laser puzzle with mirrors and green beams and goggles, and the houseguests have to run around and point things like they’re the cast of Spy Kids. Jason seems to run away with the lead, but in a twist of divine intervention (or maybe just shoddy craftsmanship), Shelby has a prop malfunction and her time is voided, leaving her and Jason to duke it out for HOH.

In Shelby’s mind, this is her chance to seek revenge on Jason for hijacking her last HOH reign, so she gives it 110 percent and manages to pull out another win. Girl is a competition BEAST and is giving Caleb a run for his money with that whole “Beast Mode Cowboy” moniker (er, minus the cowboy part… how about Beast Mode Lawyer?).

The most fascinating part of the night — and, in my opinion, one of the most interesting things to ever happen on the show — comes when Julie fills shares the presidential election results with the houseguests. It’s pretty wild to think that while America has been in disarray since Donald Trump won the presidency, the six remaining houseguests have been completely oblivious to the chaos of the outside world. I thought it was really cool to be able to see their genuine, unfiltered reactions, since the only immediate feedback I experienced was via social media.

Shelby has a very relatable reaction. She seems absolutely gobsmacked, asking Julie, “What the f–k happened while we were in here?” as she begins to get visibly upset. Jason also has a strong reaction and looked a lot like I did — he says “Oh my god, I cannot believe that. We got problems,” and puts his head in his hands, struggling to comprehend what he just heard. Morgan’s reaction (“A reality TV star is our president. We could be president.”) was probably the funniest, but man, these guys are in for a wake-up call as soon as they exit the BB house.

Now that Shelby’s HOH, Jason knows his Big Brother game also has problems, so he immediately goes to talk game with the girls. He tries making deals, but Shelby and Morgan know better. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” seems to be the mantra this week, and while they kinda-sorta tell him what he wants to hear, Shelby makes it clear in the Diary Room: They have no intention of actually trusting Jason.

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