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Big Brother: Over the Top recap: Season 1, Episode 6

A power player gets the boot as the house divide grows

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Big Brother: Over the Top

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If last week had me questioning my potential loyalty to the so-called “underdogs” of Big Brother: Over the Top, this week sealed the deal. I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed. (There’s a lot of that going around this week.)

I’ll get to my reasons why in a sec (and believe me, there are plenty), but for now, let’s zip back to Scott getting evicted. Scott’s a good dude, and I genuinely feel for the guy. I think he really got the short end of the stick as far as loyalty goes, even though he made his devotion to the Ball-Smashers clear. Choosing Whitney to stay over Scott was a mistake I’m sure the Ball-Smashers are kicking themselves for this week.

The Head of Household competition is genuinely terrifying, if we’re being honest. Basically, production abused Snapchat’s face swap feature to the extreme, and the contestants had to correctly guess which houseguests’ body parts made up the nightmare-inducing faces staring them down. Shelby slays the competition and wins HOH, and even Danielle is jumping up and down and clapping with excitement (though inside, it was probably something more like this).

Shelby immediately knows she has to use her powers for good and keep Alex and Morgan safe, as Whitney has been acting pretty sketchy, and hanging out with Justin and his mustache an awful lot as they talk romantically about broccoli. (Whitney doesn’t like the way it tastes, but Justin promises he will cook her delicious broccoli to change her mind).

Shelby knows right away that Jason and Justin will be her targets for the week, but America throws a wrench in her plans when Jason wins the care package and becomes co-HOH for the week. This means they’ll each get to alternate in nominating one person for safety, and the final two people left are put up on the block, with each HOH claiming a nominee. At first, I envision this will be like in every sitcom ever when two enemies are forced to spend time together and come out of it the best of friends. I fully expect Shelby and Jason to exit the week baking cookies and telling each other deep, dark secrets.

Of course, Shelby’s understandably angry her plan was foiled, and knows she can no longer put up Justin, since Jason will most likely keep him safe. Jason, meanwhile, is 100 percent set on backdooring Alex. To make his whole master plan work, he tells Shelby they each must nominate someone in their alliance with the hope that they’ll come down after the veto competition and can be replaced by the HOH’s choice. I’m not entirely sure I understand how this benefits Shelby, but she can only keep two people safe anyway, and it’s obviously going to be Morgan and Alex. Eventually, Jason nominates Danielle and Shelby nominates Whitney. America’s nomination goes to Alex, and I am genuinely disappointed — I like Alex a lot, and think she’s one of the few actually playing a good game. This fits right in with Jason’s plan — if Danielle comes off the block, he can put up Morgan, and there will be no way for Shelby to save any of her alliance members.

Jason and Shelby have a brief moment of bonding when a crying Shelby gets homesick and utters this absolute gem in the diary room, via the weekday replay: “There are no dogs here, no Harry Potter, and no hot guys.” I’ll be honest, it’s been a brutal last 24 hours, and this quote was the one thing that made me laugh.

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