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Big Brother: Over the Top recap: Season 1, Episode 5

Late Night Jamboree keeps power for a second week as new alliances begin to form

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Big Brother: Over the Top

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Bad News Bears, or even that silly 2006 comedy The Benchwarmers (what can I say? I’m watching the World Series and I’ve got baseball on the mind), you probably understand why it’s fun to root for the underdog.

The underdogs are the ones with heart, the ones who get knocked down repeatedly but always get back up again. They’re lovable losers, because even though they never seem to come out on top, they endear themselves to you anyway.

Which is what makes this season of Big Brother: Over the Top so frustrating — the lovable losers really aren’t so lovable. In fact, they’re borderline unbearable. But we’ll get to that in a sec.

For now, in this week’s BB: OTT, we head back to the house just before Neeley’s eviction to find Scott delivering a campaign spiel to Jason. First of all, Jason and Neeley are BFFs, so I don’t see what he thinks he’s going to accomplish here; secondly, Scott is the ONLY person in the entire house who’s not in an alliance, so I can’t see his offer for “the next best thing” to a final three going very far with Jason.

After the eviction, Shelby celebrates in the diary room by calling the Late Night Jamboree a bunch of “hypocridiots.” She quickly rises in the ranks of my all-time favorite Big Brother players thanks to that hilarious portmanteau. Well done, Shelby.

Kryssie is incredibly upset, as is to be expected, but never fear — Justin is here! Justin and his mustache console a crying Kryssie, and he assures her he’ll protect her from Scott. (Again, Scott is the only player in the house not part of an alliance. I am confused why everyone is so afraid of someone with zero power). But just as he finishes his talk with her, he goes to celebrate with Scott and the Ball-Smashers! Justin is totally playing both sides and no one seems to notice and/or care, so that’s cool for him, I guess.

Danielle continues to (understandably) be upset by Scott’s constant bullying, and while Scott is definitely being a jerk, the whole thing is so juvenile I tune out most of it. Also, I like when Kryssie says things like, “It’s just a game to them!” Yes, Kryssie, it is just a game — to everyone! That’s what you signed up for! It’s getting annoying to watch people who are so clearly having such a miserable time in the house. Like, stop complaining for five minutes and enjoy your free vacation.

Finally, the HOH competition rolls around and it’s a classic memory-wall challenge. The houseguests do their best to memorize the baseball cards flashing on the memory wall so they can answer follow-up questions. It comes down to Whitney and Danielle, and it’s Danielle who pulls out the win, promptly followed by tears of joy (though it’s hard to tell since she’s always crying).

Danielle quickly makes it known to her alliance she doesn’t want to nominate Scott. Huh? Once she explains her reasons, though, it makes sense. He’s pretty much useless, so who cares if he sticks around for another week? The only chance the Late Night Jamboree has to avoid eviction the next few weeks is to take down the Ball-Smashers. They toss around the idea of trying to evict Alex this week, and decide that out of all the girls, it’d be easiest to get Whitney on their side.

With Jason certain Danielle is gunning for Alex, he tells Scott he can rest easy knowing he’s most likely safe, hoping to get on Scott’s good side in case he stays another week. I’m convinced Big Brother has placed Scott into his own alliance known as The Debt Collector, because literally no one else is referred to by their occupation as often as he is.

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