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Big Brother: Over the Top recap: Season 1, Episode 3

The divided house starts to crack as Justin shows signs of flipping

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“You know you’re at your lowest when you look at a jar of pickles and start crying.” —Morgan Willett

It’s week 3 on Big Brother: Over the Top. The excitement of being in the house has worn off and everyone is clearly feeling it. Because in case you forgot, there’s nothing to do and they’re stuck in a house full of people they hate.

Morgan cries about being the lone-standing Have Not; Danielle cries about being on the block for the third week in a row; and Kryssie cries about something, I’m sure.

With Monte out of the house, the Late Night Jamboree are sure they’re going to get HOH. They’re ready for the power to shift to their side of the house, and they team up in the Barcode comp to achieve it. The houseguests must use their feet or a plastic chain to measure pieces of a large barcode. Whoever can identify the longest piece first gets HOH. (They’re playing fast and loose with the term “competition” this season, but you know…money.)

Whitney, Shelby, and Morgan try to team up during this comp as well, but in the end, Scott — the only person really acting alone — pulls out the win. He takes to the power quite easily: His game plan is to nominate Shane and Danielle. This hasn’t worked the past two weeks, but why not try it again?! The Ball Smashers, née The Plastics, say he has their support. Justin even mentions he’d be okay with Shane going up; he didn’t trust him after he pivoted from Monte so quickly.

Things get more complicated when America’s Care package arrives. Scott is the recipient and he gets veto power — which means he can decide diamond veto, double veto, boomerang veto, tinfoil veto, cubic zirconia veto, etc. The only one you need to worry about is double veto, which is the one he chooses and which means two people will get power of veto.

Scott decides to tell his feeder bro, Jason, about his plans. He also tells him about the original Cornbread-Monte-Shane alliance he had that Shane went back on. But Jason is not Scott’s bro, so he runs straight to the Jamboree and tells them what’s up. Shane’s not pleased about being backdoored; apparently we haven’t seen the “crazy part of Shane” yet. Y’all, Shane is a low-key angry dude, isn’t he?

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