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'The Big Bang Theory' recap: 'The Spock Resonance'

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The Big Bang Theory

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Leave it to the writers of The Big Bang Theory to celebrate the life of Leonard Nimoy with an entire episode dedicated to Sheldon’s infatuation with Spock. Because Sheldon is Nimoy’s biggest fan, Wil Wheaton convinces Nimoy’s son, Adam, to feature our favorite physicist in a documentary about our favorite Vulcan. Let the crazy, yet logical interview begin!

Sheldon calls Amy to brag about his spotlight on a “Spock-umentary” and also reminds her that resistance is futile. He invites her over to join the fun just as Wil arrives with Adam in tow. Adam looks EXACTLY like his father! I half expected a Vulcan hand sign as a gesture of good will. Sheldon answers a few questions, noting that his affection for Spock stems from his ability to govern his emotions using nothing but logic. It turns out that Sheldon has been mimicking Spock since childhood.

When Adam asks if he has any collectibles, Sheldon presents the autographed napkin Penny gave him. Remember that Saturnalia miracle? Penny and Leonard are shocked that Sheldon has a lock box in a wall safe and demand to know what else is hidden away in there? He pulls out a passport, a Wil (as in the action figure), a will (as in an actual will), and Amy’s engagement ring. Cue the madness! Penny demands to know the story. Sheldon calmly explains that Amy broke up with him before he had a chance to propose. When Penny presses Sheldon for more details, he snaps at her. He’s fine!

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Penny wisely points out that Sheldon is completely missing the point of Spock. Remember — he was half human. Sheldon has feelings just like everyone else. This frustrates Sheldon and he eventually reaches a boiling point and screams that he is not emotional because he has put the Amy nonsense is behind him! He runs out of the room. I’d be willing to bet that his tears are green.

Sheldon returns to the living room later. He has decided that the only way to resolve the situation is to propose to Amy. If she says yes, then they can move forward. If she says no, then something else happens. I didn’t catch that last part because I don’t speak Vulcan. However, we will soon find out because Sheldon spots Amy kissing some random dude on her doorstep. There was no wedding proposal. Only a veto on the “What would Spock do?” mantra that Sheldon has clung to his entire life.

NEXT: Howard’s awkward moment with his father-in-law


Across town, Bernadette has decided that it’s time to upgrade Mrs. Wolowitz’s house. Howard wants to hold on to all the memories, so Bernadette compromises. They are going to start small with just the dining room. Bernadette’s father suggests that they take down an entire wall that separates the dining room from the den. Howard is convinced it’s a load-bearing wall. There’s only one way to find out. He and his father-in-law head to the crawl space. 

Mr. Rostenkowski uses this vulnerable time to ask Howard why he doesn’t want to have kids. Howard is shocked to learn that Bernadette has lied to her father. When Bernadette hears the conversation through the baseboards, she hops up and down simulating an earthquake. The two men in her life scramble out from under the house and demand an explanation. And the explanation is simple — Bernie just doesn’t want kids. But she does agree to think about it in the future because she knows Howard would be a great dad. 

What did you think about Sheldon’s second rejection? Do you think he and Amy will ever have a chance to live long and prosper? Do you want a security camera hidden in an Aquaman? What am I saying. Of course you do. 

Theoretical Laughter

Sheldon: I admire your father’s work very much. It’s not every day I get to meet someone whose life’s journey began in my hero’s scrotum.

Sheldon: You are currently in the presence of Leonard Nimoy’s DNA.

Wil: Doesn’t Adam count as Leonard Nimoy’s DNA?

Howard: I’m going to wash up and poke around your crawl space.