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'Big Bang Theory' recap: 'The Sales Call Sublimation'

Penny admits that a bedroom full of ‘Star Wars’ toys is weird. Awkward!

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The Big Bang Theory

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I have to admit that I’m slightly annoyed the Big Bang Theory writers didn’t open the second half of the season with an episode surrounding the gang’s reactions to Sheldon and Amy’s coitus. That may sound weird, but I had high hopes that we would get some juicy gossip in a gab session showcasing dueling day-after details from both Sheldon and Amy’s points of view. Instead, the boys discover an asteroid, and Penny realizes she may be just like Leonard’s mother. 

When Penny is unable to secure a sales call appointment with psychiatrist Dr. Gallo (played by the wonderful Jane Kaczmarek) she encourages Leonard to set up a fake appointment to grease the wheels. Leonard laughs, scoffing at the fact that he has no reason to see a psychiatrist. Raj, Howard, and Sheldon give him plenty of reasons (low self-esteem, social anxiety, sexual insecurity), and when he claims none of these are true, Penny adds denial to the ever-growing list. Spineless Jellyfish to the waiting room!

Leonard shuffles into Dr. Gallo’s office, and she immediately sets him on guard when she inquires whether he’s related to the renowned Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. Leonard prepares himself for a lecture on the wonder that is his frigid mother but is pleasantly surprised when Dr. Gallo claims that Dr. Hofstadter’s theories of child rearing are ridiculous. Leonard receives the news like the warm hug his Mama never gave him. 

Penny is ecstatic when Leonard secures a meeting with Dr. Gallo. She visits her office and presents her case. Unfortunately, Dr. Gallo is much more interested in why Penny asked her husband to pretend to be a patient to gain access to her. How could she take advantage of a man who was raised by an overbearing mother? Is she doing the same? 

Penny defends herself by informing the good doctor that she used to wear a lot of skimpy tank tops. Also, her entire bedroom is filled with Star Wars toys, and there’s a man-child living in the room next door. Could this realization put a chink in the Hofstadter armor? Never fear. It’s nothing a prescription for anxiety meds can’t handle. Not the ones Penny is peddling, though. No one needs sudden fits of homicidal rage as a side effect. Especially if you live with Sheldon Cooper.

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Speaking of Sheldon, with Amy away at a convention, Sheldon joins Raj in the telescope room to scan for rogue planets. Raj soon learns that having Sheldon in his lab is like “take your kid to work day” and immediately gives him the job of reviewing six months of data for any patterns. Sheldon laughs at the Indian guy outsourcing a computer job to a white dude before discovering an anomaly within seconds of opening the file. Someone get that special boy a celebratory Fudgsicle!

The guys are disappointed to learn that they discovered the “chicken fingers” of the astronomy menu in the form of a common asteroid. The one bright spot is that they get to name it. Sheldon calls the asteroid Amy, which she finds deeply romantic. Who cares that they have to name their children (even the girls) Rajesh as a trade for sole ownership of the space rock? I think Amy will take it. 

In other news, Stuart finally moves out of the Wolowitzes’ house. When they clean Stuart’s room, Bernadette asks Howard what he would like to do with the space. He wants a nerdy man cave. I was convinced that Bernadette was about to suggest they change the room into a nursery. There was a moment with a teddy bear when I would have bet money on that dropped baby bomb! 

Instead, the episode ends with everyone reminiscing about something or someone they missed. Sheldon misses Amy. Penny misses a simpler life. Leonard misses his lost childhood. Howard and Bernadette miss Stuart. And I missed giggling this episode. Not once did I ever get my Sheld-on. 

You win some; you lose some. At least we have Sheldon’s meemaw to look forward to this season! 

Theoretical Laughter

Amy: I wish you were here.

Sheldon: At a neurobiology conference? What a mean thing to say.

Leonard: She never let me celebrate my birthday because being born was her achievement — not mine.

Sheldon: You know how when you see twin prime numbers, they are pink and smell like gasoline?

Raj: Ummm… No.