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The Big Bang Theory recap: The Earworm Reverberation

The Beach Boys bring Sheldon and Amy together again. Long live The Shamy!

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The Big Bang Theory

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Who would have thought that The Beach Boys would be the key to getting Sheldon and Amy back together? I know their catalog is magical, but I never expected that the lyrics of “Darlin” could transform the mind of a brilliant physicist into a lovey-dovey puddle of goo. Not only am I happy about this revelation, I may have screamed, “IT’S ABOUT TIME” when Sheldon made the connection.

It took him a few days to get there. Naturally, Sheldon assumed he was well on his way on a descent into madness when a seven-note earworm refused to leave his consciousness. The fact that he has an eidetic memory and is unable to recall the title of the tune is frustrating.  

Sheldon resorts to filming his every move, determined to document the integral parts of his life so future Crazy Sheldon will have a fighting chance in the world. This includes a video explaining why the thermostat is always set at 72 degrees, his beloved spot on the couch, and the fact that if Penny offers him food in the future, it’s safe to eat because he probably purchased said food anyway. 

Meanwhile, Raj and Howard are excited to learn that someone joined their band’s Facebook page. Footprints on the Moon has a fan named Trent! After some light stalking, the acoustic sci-fi duo discovers that Trent is a DJ, brews his own beer, and has a hot girlfriend. Raj throws his hypothetical bra at the cool millennial. The friends follow Trent when he checks into social media at a local coffee shop and are heartbroken when Trent digs for gold in public and eats the remnants. I still think this dude should be nominated as their fan club president.  

While Footprints on the Moon are dealing with public displays of booger affection, Amy is entertaining Dave at her apartment with a nice home-cooked meal. You remember Dave. He’s the 6-foot-4, nerdy guy who is infatuated with Sheldon. After Amy’s rejection last week, she chooses Dave Plain and Tall as her rebound. Dave is still hot for Amy about as much as he’s hot for Dr. Cooper. Even though both are nervous, Dave swoops in for a kiss. And Amy takes it all in. I may have booed. 

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Back at the apartment, Sheldon prattles on listing a ton of scientists in history who went crazy. Then he extends the list outside of the sciences, mentioning Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Suddenly he remembers the mysterious song’s name is “Darlin’,” and he confesses that the lyrics “I love the way you soften my life with your love” remind him of Amy. She is the dryer sheet of his heart, and he needs to tell her immediately. 

Over at Amy’s place, we hear the familiar three “Amy” knock. Both Dave and Amy are extremely excited to see Sheldon. Even though Amy explains that it’s not a good time, Sheldon doesn’t care. He stands confident and professes his love for Amy. Like the earworm, he can’t get her out of his heart. She’s his heartworm. He asks Amy to be his girlfriend again, and she accepts. 

Dave pops his head from behind the door, introduces himself to his idol, and demands, “Kiss her you brilliant fool!” Sheldon smiles, grabs Amy, and kisses her. He kisses her good. It’s clear that The Big Bang Theory writers are priming the pump for next week’s exciting episode. Talk about a big bang! 

Theoretical Laugher:

Sheldon: Music is dangerous. The movie Footloose tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen.

Amy: We both made mistakes last time. I ate the last breadstick, and you gushed over my ex-boyfriend like he was Leonard Nimoy and you were my ex-boyfriend.