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The Big Bang Theory recap: Monkey Business

After Priya picks apart the roommate agreement, Sheldon is forced to go on a girls night out — and has his first real kiss!

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HIMYM 042811
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How you feel about last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory may rest at least in part on your feelings concerning the innate hilarity of smoking monkeys. I suspect I may be in the minority with this opinion, but the prospect of Sheldon Cooper alone late at night in the apartment of an inebriated (and randy) Amy Farrah Fowler does not really need a cute monkey toking on a prop cigarette in a cloud of CG smoke to be funny. In fact, up until the scene in question, this episode had all the makings of a top-notch Big Bang: Sheldon is outwitted (by Priya!), forcing him to go on a girls night with Penny, Amy, and Bernadette, resulting in ballroom dancing and ultimately Sheldon’s first kiss with a girl (that wasn’t his mom, sister, memaw, or an elderly nun suffering from heat exhaustion and requiring mouth-to-mouth). Now with all that packed into one 22-minute episode, did we really need a tacked-on sight gag of a monkey puffing on menthols too?

I know, I know, as Amy herself said, people love monkeys so much they could let one get away with murder(ing a perfectly good episode of television), so obviously I’m just being crabby. I’ll get over it eventually, I’m sure, especially since there was so much to enjoy about last night’s episode. As foreshadowed in the previous Big Bang episode, Priya finally got a good look at Sheldon’s roommate agreement with Leonard after an altercation in which Sheldon was prevented from relieving his overflowing bladder because Leonard was showering — with his Cambridge-educated lawyer girlfriend. Sheldon leveled his usual charges of agreement infractions, but Priya quickly batted them away after a mere “cursory reading” of the contract. “No offense,” a beaming Leonard said to Priya afterwards, “but shower sex with you is now the second best thing that’s happened today.”

Priya wasn’t done poking holes in Sheldon’s roommate agreement, either. Next up: pizza night. It would appear that when the boys changed to a different pizza joint after the one specified in the agreement closed, they didn’t then participate in the specified public hearings and 60-day comment period. Ergo, Leonard, Howard, and Raj ordered Greek food instead. “Opa!” At first, Sheldon fought valiantly to go with the flow, and tore into the lamb kabob Leonard ordered for him, resulting in this small aria of discomfort from Sheldon as he ate:

“If you think about it, Greek food isn’t that far from Italian food. [chew chew] They share a spice palate. [chew chew chew chew] And what civilization is the Greeks! [chew chew chew] They gave us science, democracy [chew] and little cubes of charred meat that taste like sweat.”

Driven out of his own apartment, Sheldon found himself roped into accompanying Penny on her girl’s night out with Amy and Bernadette (who are apparently the only lasting female friends Penny’s made in four years). And that’s when the real fun began, because as Amy warned Sheldon, these ladies can get “ca-ray-zay.”

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