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The Big Bang Theory recap: Love and Warcraft

The boys, and Penny, rally to Sheldon’s aid when a bully hacks his World of Warcraft account. But Priya is not exactly thrilled.

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Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory

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Once again, this season of The Big Bang Theory has proved delightfully adept at creating a Sheldon-centric story line that doesn’t rely on the old pattern of Sheldon driving everyone crazy, and still gives the other characters chances to shine in their own right. It was downright heartwarming to see everyone rally to Sheldon’s side after his beloved World of Warcraft account, on which he’s spent some 3,000 hours, was hacked by a cyber-bully. Sheldon was so beside himself, he called the police (after the FBI were no help). “What kind of world do we live in where a man would take another man’s battle ostrich?” Sheldon lamented. What kind of world indeed.

Quickly, the Big Bang foursome launched into action, scouring the vast expanses of Azeroth to find the culprit. At one point, Raj came close to sacrificing his (female) character’s honor to extract information out of a black-market dealer in WoW contraband — that is to say, Raj was prepared to have sex with him. Having never played this game myself — I know, bad geek, but MMORPGs have never been my forte — I was unaware that one could partake of virtual coitus within it, but that makes perfect sense if you think for even five seconds about who makes up the game’s main player base.

I digress. Howard was able to track down the culprit to one Todd Zarnecki, resident of Carlsbad, Calif. (which, in a rare instance of Big Bang imprecision about such things, is 35 miles north of San Diego). They all drove down to Carlsbad to confront Todd Zarnecki — Sheldon was so filled with rage, he even brought his Klingon bat’leth. Alas, Todd Zarnecki proved to be a bit of a giant and snapped Sheldon’s bat’leth away from him. So much for confrontation. But then the boys’ car broke down, and Penny swooped in to save them twice over, first with a ride home, and then by driving back to Todd Zarnecki’s house, announcing that “today’s the day a girl’s finally going to touch you in your little special place,” and then kicking him square in the nuts. Boom.

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