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Beauty and the Beast recap: The Beast of Wall Street

Vincent and Cat are trying to build a normal life, but a new group of superhumans threatens their relationships and their safety.

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Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

Beauty and the Beast

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Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan
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Near the end of tonight’s season 3 premiere of Beauty and the Beast, Tess reflects on the crazy day she just had. The day involves helping Cat, covering up for Vincent, and tracking down beasts. “Same old, same old” she says before taking a swig of scotch. If there’s one worry heading into this season, it’s that with Muirfield out of their way, what’s left for Cat, Vincent, J.T., and Tess? Will it be more of the same old, same old?

Based on the premiere, the answer is yes and no. There’s a familiar feel to the episode; the story of a new strain of beasts wreaking havoc on the city is similar to nearly every story of the past two seasons. Still, there are hints that this is just an establishing episode and that there’s more to come. The idea of there being some sort of mystery group that’s using innocent people across the city to create super humans, to push the limits of their physical and mental capabilities, is certainly an intriguing one. Plus, there’s all that relationship stuff.

The premiere picks up two months after Cat and Vincent’s last showdown with Gabe. Everyone is doing what they can to get back to normal, but what they fail to realize is that they don’t have a “normal.” Their normal is downright absurd to most people, so any attempt to lead a normal life is fruitless.

That’s frustrating for both Cat and Vincent, especially considering that the DHS agents who kept J.T. alive at the end of last season keep trying to recruit Cat into an investigation. They’re doing what they can to track down an organization that’s mutating innocent people and giving them superhuman, beast-like powers. They’re not having any luck and they’re just human. They need a beast to handle this type of work.

Cat doesn’t want to get Vincent involved though. He’s finally going back to work at New York General and all he can talk about is the normal life they can have now. For Cat, the situation needs to be dire before she brings the case to Vincent and risks threatening his new sense of normalcy.

And it isn’t long before the situation does take a turn for the worse. The DHS agents track down a living case, a stock broker named Tyler. They question his wife, who’s concerned about her husband’s recent aggressive behavior. He’s threatened to blow up the building where he works, and she doesn’t understand how that could be the man she’s devoted to.

When the DHS agents and Cat leave the apartment Tyler swoops in on them, severely wounding one agent and killing another. Cat escapes with just a few bruises, but she has to head to the hospital with Agent Thomas. Vincent, who’s at a restaurant and preparing to propose to Cat with his mother’s engagement ring, gets a call from Cat that she’s on her way to the hospital.

He’s livid when he gets there. He doesn’t understand how Cat could put herself in that situation and risk not only her life but also the life they are building together; you know, the one without beast hunts. There are more pressing matters than their relationship drama though as Agent Thomas is quickly dying. Vincent, fresh off his disastrous first day there, steps in and finds the problem using his beast sense. It’s something he never wanted to do again, but now has to in order to save a life. That’s who Vincent is, whether he wants to admit that or not.

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