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Beauty and the Beast recap: The Most Dangerous Beast

Bob and Carol are back with a vengeance.

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Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Beauty and the Beast

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Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan
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Early on in tonight’s episode, Vincent reminds Cat that when they were in therapy they were told that in order to be less co-dependent they would have to “break the cycle.” Basically, they would need to stop relying on one another all the time and find a way to keep their individual selves intact. Breaking the cycle turns out to not only be good advice for the couple, but also for Beauty and the Beast in general. “The Most Dangerous Beast” splits Cat and Vincent up for the first time in a long time and the result is the best episode of the season by a landslide.

At first it looks like Vincent and Cat are about to go down the same path they always do. Even Vincent thinks so, muttering “here we go again” when Cat sprints out of a café when she thinks she sees Carol on the street. Not long after that though, the show (and Vincent and Cat) shakes things up. The two plan on having a day apart from one another in order to strengthen their relationship and kill their co-dependency.

That means that Cat is back at the precinct working on a traditional, non-beast case and Vincent is headed to Upstate New York as part of the hospital’s outreach program. Tess straps Cat with a brand new partner, an eager detective named Wesley “like itch but with an A” Atchinson. Tess sends them to investigate an armed robbery, but only after she tells Cat that she can’t contact J.T. or do any beast work.

The first thing Cat does when she leaves Tess’ office? She calls J.T. and asks about Bob and Carol. Tess is quick to shut down that behavior though, texting J.T. and telling him to hang up. Tess knows Cat too well, which is a good thing. She’s been off the rails and pretty self-involved this season, so Tess laying down the law might be a nice wake-up call for her.

Cat and Wesley don’t find much at the armed robbery because Cat once again gets sidetracked when she thinks she sees Carol. She stops herself from pursuing her though, remembering her promise to Vincent and Tess to be more in control. It turns out that Carol is in fact the random pedestrian though, and she’s trying to lure Cat away so that she can kill her.

It’s all part of a plan that Bob and Carol have worked up. With Vincent and Cat separated, they’re at their weakest. That means that Carol can kill Cat, and Bob can capture Vincent, who he needs to put through a number of tests in order to see if he’s the “unique beast” that his boss is looking for.

If Bob manages to capture Vincent, him and Carol will get the antidote from their boss that stops the serum that’s inside of them. Such a reveal adds a nice layer to the story. It positions Carol and Bob as more than assassins; they’re two people in love trying to get back to some kind of normal, and that’s something Cat and Vincent certainly understand.

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