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Beauty and the Beast recap: Heart of the Matter

Vincent and Cat visit a marriage counselor, looking for heart in more ways than one.

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Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

Beauty and the Beast

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It’s fitting that tonight’s episode of Beauty and the Beast is all about the search for a heart. The very literal search for a donor’s missing heart works on a number of levels throughout the episode. Most importantly, it’s an apt metaphor for Vincent and Cat’s relationship struggles. They’ve been combative ever since they got engaged, and now, as the episode establishes from the start, they’re seeing a marriage counselor after a particularly bad fight.

“Heart of the Matter” uses Cat and Vincent’s visit to a marriage counselor (played by Saul Rubinek; Frasier fans rejoice!) as a framing device for the episode. The couple dives into their problems but focus specifically on a case from the previous day that left them feeling at odds with each other.

Cat is investigating a case where a woman named April drilled into her own head and killed herself, but considering how outrageous such a death seems, she begins to question whether or not it was a suicide. When she finds out that the woman was an organ donor and that her heart, which contains a very rare blood type, is going to a dying billionaire (Marshall Zolman? Solomon?), she gets even more suspicious.

Cat believes that this billionaire could be the man behind the experiments on innocents. How or why she believes this is rather convoluted, but that’s par for the course with Beauty and the Beast this season; Cat just has “instincts” rather than, you know, evidence.

Needing to confront Marshall and find out if he murdered April for her heart, Cat enlists Vincent for a date night (while he’s on a double shift!) under the guise that they haven’t spent much alone time together lately. Vincent agrees because he also thinks their relationship has been struggling as of late.

Needless to say, he’s not too happy when he shows up to Marshall’s apartment and finds out that Cat is working a case. They begin to fight in front of the guests, with Vincent reprimanding Cat for interrogating Marshall too aggressively—the heart attack he suffers would suggest he’s right in his criticism.

With Marshall now in the hospital, the heart must be rushed over for him to survive. Right before he’s about to head in for surgery though, somebody steals the heart. This makes Cat think that she’s on the right track. There couldn’t possibly be any reason why someone would want to steal a heart unless it was loaded with superhuman serum, right?

Not according to Vincent. He thinks Cat is too focused on the case and too focused on hunting down whoever is experimenting on innocents, so much so that it’s causing a rift in their relationship. She accuses him of avoiding their issues by working long hours at the hospital. Basically, nobody wins, and they end up separating in order to work the case on their own. That means that Vincent is trying to find the heart to keep Marshall alive and Cat is looking for the heart to make sure Marshall doesn’t get it.

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