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Beauty and the Beast recap: Primal Fear

There’s another superhuman innocent on the loose, but moving in together is the bigger threat to Vincent and Cat.

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Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

Beauty and the Beast

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One of the biggest issues facing Beauty and the Beast this season is the fact that the show basically hit the reset button on its story lines. Where the first two seasons were largely driven by the need to find Muirfield and dig into the mystery of who was behind experimenting on Vincent, the third season by necessity needs to move away from that.

It’s something I mentioned in my recap of the season premiere, but I mention it again because it’s an issue that’s more glaring in the season’s second episode, “Primal Fear.” Beauty and the Beast is in a weird spot right now where it needs to build up a new threat to Vincent and Cat while also hanging on to everything the show has done previously.

It’s a storytelling obstacle that every show has to go through, finding ways to keep things fresh while also staying true to everything that hooked the audience in the first place. Right now, much of Beauty and the Beast feels stale. Despite new story lines and big moments (a proposal! J.T. might be superhuman now!), the characters don’t feel like they’re growing or changing.

That lack of change bogs down “Primal Fear,” which is largely a procedural, one reminiscent of those spotty episodes from early in season 1. With Agent Thomas recovering in the hospital, it’s up to Cat and Vincent to track down whoever is experimenting on innocent humans.

Their search leads them to a company called Effective Worldwide Solutions who have dealings in the military. It’s a name that rings a bell to Vincent and from there they work to track down a courier who was perhaps doing deliveries for the company.

When they find the courier dead inside an abandoned warehouse, and the killer still there, Vincent and Cat attempt to arrest him. The killer gets away though when he somehow uses electricity from his body to blow the circuits in the building. Clearly this is another one of the experiments they’ve been tracking down.

The man’s name turns out to be Alton Finn and he’s in search of the serum that’s meant to keep him alive. It’s the serum that Agent Thomas used to save J.T.; Thomas intercepted it from the courier before it could make its way to Alton. Hoping that he can use J.T.’s self-created serum to heal himself, Alton tortures Thomas using his electrical abilities and gets J.T.’s name from him.

When Vincent and Cat realize Alton’s plan, it’s too late. Alton, who’s eager to get the serum because he has a brain tumor that’s spreading, which is the cause of his electrical abilities, has lured J.T. to the hospital. J.T. isn’t just going to let him use the serum though, especially because he knows that it can potentially save Agent Thomas. If they save him they can get information from him about the experiments and use it to find out who’s behind them.

J.T. manages to escape from Alton just in time and inject Agent Thomas with the serum. Predictably, Alton doesn’t take that news too well and wreaks havoc on the hospital. As usual, the only thing that can stop him is Beast Vincent, but also as usual, Cat doesn’t want him to go to that place. “We both have too much to lose,” she says for maybe the 50th time this season.

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