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Bates Motel recap: There's No Place Like Home

Goodbye, Pineview

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Cate Cameron/A&E

Bates Motel

TV Show
Mystery and Thriller
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Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore
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In Season

We all knew the good times couldn’t last. While Norman and Norma have been growing a little more stable thanks to therapy and a healthy relationship, respectively, tonight put the pieces in motion for the inevitable downfall that we’ll experience during the last three episodes of the season. And if the setup is any indication, we’re in for quite a ride.

Norman wakes up with Dr. Edwards after realizing he’s blacked out again, and Norma wakes up with Romero, well…yeah, Norma and Romero are VERY aware of what they’re doing and how they’re spending their morning. And it’s about damn time, if I say so myself. At Pineview, it’s arts and crafts time. Julian makes a self portrait (a ball of nothing), and Norman makes his dog, Juno, out of papier-mache. While looking at newspaper strips, he sees a picture that catches his eye and manages to piece together enough of the paper to see the picture of Romero and Norma from the holiday fest — as well as the caption that Romero is Norma’s husband. So, yeah, this looks bad.

At home, Romero finds Norma in the basement, where she’s looking at options for home improvement. He offers to help, but that only makes Norma feel guiltier because, as it turns out, she’s in trouble financially with the house and the motel. With everything going on and no money coming in (darn all those murders that drive away guests), she kind of gave up on the house. So what does Romero do? He gives her Bob Paris’ money that he’s hidden in the basement. Norma’s hesitant to take it, but Romero urges her to use the money for something good. Besides, Norma deserves something good. A phone call interrupts the sweet moment, and it turns out to be none other than Norman. Unfortunately, Romero is the one that answers.

Granted, this would’ve been bad either way since Norman already knows about Norma and Romero. But he doesn’t let on that he knows, and when he asks Norma what’s going on, Norma lies right back about Romero being over. Norman, in response, tells her he’s coming home. He signed himself in voluntarily, so he can sign himself out voluntarily. Norma is thrown off guard, but Norman challenges her on whether there’s some secret reason why she shouldn’t come home. Hey, he’s gotta protect his mother. Unfortunately, the procedure for checking out isn’t quite as simple as Norman thinks. There’s protocol that needs to be followed, including a letter… Oh, and they tell him his stepfather’s insurance approved his coverage for three months. Oops.

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Emma, meanwhile, is fighting with her dad about her mother. Dylan comes home in time to catch the fight, and Emma learns that he met her mother in the hospital and didn’t tell her. In a quiet moment alone, Emma admits they were fighting because her mom’s phone was turned off and they couldn’t figure out why. Emma was worried, and naturally, Dylan — already suspicious from the letter he found — makes it his mission to find her. He comes home looking for Norma, whom he finds in a peppy mood, making drapes for the house and listening to “Beyond the Sea.” That mood drops instantly when Dylan asks about Norman and if she knew about the letter from Emma’s mom…the one that ended up in Norman’s bedroom. Norma didn’t know about that, but she does admit to knowing Emma’s mom stayed at the motel. She tells Dylan she didn’t say anything because she wanted to stay out of the drama, which is the same reason she didn’t take the letter for her. But Norman did. Upon finding out Norman was alone with Audrey, Dylan immediately becomes suspicious because she never checked out. Norma gets defensive and essentially wants Dylan to admit he thinks that she thinks Norman hurt or killed Audrey, but God knows she’d never think her precious angel son would do something so violent. Dylan, however, is well aware of what Norman might do when he blacks out and isn’t giving him any more excuses.

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