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Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 7

A murderous new vigilante makes Oliver wonder if his methods are getting the job done

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Diyah Pera/The CW


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Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey
The CW
ActionAdventure, Crime

Which is worse, going too far to protect the city, or not going far enough? Oliver and his team grapple with this question when a new vigilante appears on the scene. But first …

Five years ago:

A bloody, battered Oliver and his wig are seated at a dinner table across from Kovar, who sadly is no longer wearing a tuxedo. It’s been a week of questions and a week of torture, and all Oliver’s done is scream about avenging a woman named Taiana. But surprise, surprise, Kovar has Taiana’s mother on his payroll; she’s been working for him ever since her children disappeared.

“Who’s to say who’s the monster and who’s the hero?” Kovar asks.

For example, he says, the reason Bratva had Oliver kill that man in jail was so Bratva could steal his black market business on the dark web. “Good, evil, hero, monster. My friend, truth is a matter of perspective,” Kovar says.

Oliver responds by stabbing a knife through Kovar’s hand, then holding another to his neck. He gets the guards to surrender their guns and hustles Kovar toward the exit.

Kovar’s amused by this turn of events and taunts Oliver that Bratva agreed to a truce in exchange for a cut of the profits at Kovar’s new casino. And why would they let an American into Bratva? They’re just using Oliver for whatever value he can provide. This angries up Oliver’s blood, and they start fighting. Well, Kovar starts fighting; Oliver mostly takes punches. Seriously, that is one big Russian.

The fight comes to an end when Gregor, the Bratva member who sent Oliver under cover last week, strolls into the house, clearly in league with Kovar.

Betrayal! Or is it a double-cross? Tune in next week. Meanwhile, on to …

The present:

The good news: Prometheus has stopped killing random civilians. The bad news: Team Arrow has no idea what he’s going to do next. The worst news: There’s a new guy in town delivering bodies of human traffickers to the SCPD with V’s carved into their cheeks.

“What is it with this city and serial killers lately?” Rory asks, and yeah, he and Curtis officially get the best lines this season.

The new vigilante, uncreatively named Vigilante, has plenty of chances to be vigilant when the Bag of Bones crew starts targeting Star City banks. Recent parolee Eric Dunn’s in charge, and hey, one of his crew is a woman! Yay for representation! It’s always male criminals in these Arrow gangs.

Felicity and the Arrowlettes vote to let the new guy do his thing unhindered, but Oliver disagrees, of course. He’s confused because the Arrowlettes freaked out last week when they learned about Oliver’s murderous ways as The Hood, but they’re cool with Vigilante killing the bad guys. “You can’t have it both ways,” Oliver says. Plus, they don’t want another masked killer loose in Star City.

This prompts Evelyn to ask, “Who gets to decide who’s a psycho and who’s a vigilante?” Indeed, Evelyn. Indeed. Who watches the watchmen? Why does the caged bird sing? Does this look infected to you? (Sorry, I got on a question roll.)

Anyway, the team works together to find Eric Dunn by shaking down his former cellie and his possible ammo dealer. It goes smoothly except for Diggle, who gets a little rage monster in his interrogations. Afterward, he admits that his son’s having his second birthday party, and he can’t be there because he’s a fugitive and the U.S. Marshalls are surveilling his home. That is, most certainly, a bummer.

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