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Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 6

As Prometheus ups his murder game, Oliver’s new team is shocked by his violent past

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Katie Yu/The CW


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Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey
The CW
ActionAdventure, Crime

This week, Oliver and the Arrowlettes are faced with — eh, who cares? DOLPH LUNDGREN IS IN THE HOOOOOOOUUUUUSE!

The present:

We open on Green Arrow and Spartan tracking Prometheus. They enter an abandoned warehouse with an alarming number of flaming torches left burning unattended. It gets worse when a dramatic explosion results in the phrase “SO IT BEGINS” being spelled out in fire on the floor. Man, do I love an overly dramatic villain.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity wants to loop in the Arrowlettes on the Prometheus situation, but Diggle and Oliver are reluctant. They haven’t forgotten Rene spilled the Green Arrow’s identity during his recent torture sesh, after all.

One thing Oliver’s not reluctant to do is sit for an interview with Susan Williams, who brought her cameras this time. Of note in this scene: Thea interrogates Lance about his ongoing sobriety, and Susan encourages Oliver to call her (wink wink). Thea reminds Oliver that Susan can literally ruin his career, but Oliver says he hasn’t done anything yet. Yet? Ye gods, no.

Also, Thea wants Star City to host a music and arts festival to boost tourism and revenue. She offers to call in favors from her nightclub days, while Lance says he knows a guy with a connection to the Rocket Arena.

Now for the upsetting part of the episode: A mom is vacuuming her house and picking up stuffed animals when Prometheus shows up and whips a throwing star into her neck. D.A. Chase (still don’t trust that guy) and Green Arrow are both on the scene investigating when they get a call about another throwing-star murder victim, this time a cab driver.

At the Arrow Cave, John wants Felicity to use her cop squeeze to get their hands on one of the throwing stars for analysis. She counters that Billy doesn’t know she works with the Green Arrow, and what they should actually do is tell the new recruits about Prometheus.

Then — whaddya know? — Felicity swans into SCPD to visit her man, transparently lying that another one of her friends was involved in a crime. Barnacle Bill, who’s no dummy, calls her on her obvious fib, then leaves her alone with one of the bloody throwing stars bagged as evidence on his desk.

And then the news starts reporting on the Throwing Star Killer (least imaginative name ever — what about the Star Slayer? Starman? The Bladed Menace?). This sends the city into a panic, particularly when there are reports he’s on the loose at an outdoor mall. Oliver finally lets Felicity call in the rest of the team to get the situation under control.

Gotta be honest, this scene is ridiculously “There were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident” chaotic. It’s a glorified farmers market with tents and tables, and dudes are just shooting guns into the sky, thinking they’re protecting themselves from TSK, who’s out there somewhere. The team evacuates the civilians and stop the good guys with guns. (Oliver does this by shooting an arrow into the muzzle of one of the shooter’s pistols, which is easily the best part of this scene.)

When the team regroups, the Arrowlettes demand to know why they’re just now learning about a serial killer in Star City. “The A team had to make sure the B team was worthy enough of being kept in the loop,” Rene complains. Yeah, that’s not good for team unity.

Felicity’s victimology algorithm (at this point, I demand a new algorithm every week) comes through, and the team realizes the names of the last two victims are anagrams for names on Oliver’s old list. This leads to confession time as Oliver tells the newbies about his dad’s book and the way Oliver used it to punish those who (say it with me now!) failed the city when he returned to life five years ago.

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