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Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 5

Oliver falls to an assassin’s bullet (but not really, of course) and we say goodbye to a great villain

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Dean Buscher/The CW


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Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey
The CW
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The good tonight: Tobias Church. The fights. The torture. Hilariously realistic masks. Elite bodyguards. The bad tonight: Rezoning. Shady journalism. PR boondoggles. Closure.

Let’s recap! We open with some shirtless torture time. Rene’s trussed up, and Church and his men have worked him over so much he periodically dribbles blood onto his chest while his captors discuss Church’s philosophy on information extraction.

“It’s not the pain that breaks people. It’s fear. Fear of the pain. Of what that pain brings. Of what happens next,” Church says. (I’m sorry, did I accidentally turn on The Walking Dead?)

But no, we now jump to the Arrow Cave, where Oliver shocks everyone with his optimism about finding Rene. He skips off to be Mayor Handsome while John meets the rest of the team and Felicity screens a call from boyfriend Billy (and tells Curtis it’s a telemarketer). That’s cold, Fi.

At City Hall, Oliver and Quentin agree that after Church’s attack on ACU, they need to recruit more cops. Meanwhile, Thea’s stuck talking about a rezoning vote to expand low-income housing in Orchid Bay. It needs four-fifths approval from the city council. The problem is council member Kullens, whom Oliver describes as “decidedly anti-residential,” opposes the proposal &;l#$adgad%&slkjasgjl… Sorry, I dozed off a bit. Someone free Thea from this dull plotline, please.

Thankfully, Green Arrow and his Arrowlettes extract enough information from low-level stoolies to let Felicity run an algorithm (always with the algorithms!) to track Rene to where he’s being forced to dig his own grave in a forest. If I was ever offed in a gangland hit, this would be my least-favorite part of the process, tbh.

Since Rene’s about to die, Church brags he’s in Star City for the water access so he can consolidate his drug running into the biggest operation the world has ever seen. He’s just waiting for Green Arrow’s imminent death to make his move. The hood in question shows up, slinging arrows and sending Church and his crew scurrying.

Bad news, though: Rene broke. “He knows you’re Oliver Queen,” he says.

Oliver takes this news surprisingly well. Actually, he takes all of tonight’s bad news surprisingly well. He refuses to go into hiding, what with the big rezoning vote coming up, and says his security detail will be sufficient. Felicity and I both nervously LOL over his plan’s poor track record. Plus, John points out, his new team is a little lacking: “What do we have? A Laurel Lance wannabe, a weird rag guy, a lunatic, and Curtis. Curtis just wasn’t who I pictured.” Ha! But John does more than insult; he also proposes solutions. Specifically, he offers to contact a guy he knows who could help.

Back to the rezoning plotzzzzzzzzzz. (Sorry.) Not only is council member Kullens refusing to sign off on the low-income housing, he’s being shadowed by sketchy TV reporter Susan Williams for a story (yet there are no cameras in sight) and he tells Oliver a similar rezoning from 25 years ago ended with Queen Consolidated and other crony capitalists squeezing out the needy families. He refuses to change his vote and sweeps out.

 “Okay, maybe you should just put an arrow in him,” Thea mutters. This plotline, I swear. Let our Thea go!

Speaking of those a good chunk of the fandom wants to put an arrow in, Billy met up with Felicity for a little afternoon delight, after which he tells her he’s joining the ACU. He wants to know if reporting to her ex-fiancé will be weird — and oh, by the way, Felicity did tell Oliver they’re seeing either other, right? Felicity lies (poorly) and says sure, yeah, of course, it’s all good, mumble mumble…

Down at the dock, Church is making his nefarious plans when Prometheus shows up to remind him that Green Arrow is his to kill. Prometheus wings an arrow his way, but Church hired a masked vigilante to protect him. Prometheus promises Church won’t get a third warning and peaces out.

“I thought you hired me to kill the Green Arrow,” says the new mask. (If he’s a DC Comics character, I didn’t recognize him. Sorry.) Church replies, “Nope. You’re gonna kill the mayor.”

Oh, Mayor Handsome. He’s agreed to an off-camera interview with Susan Williams, to which I say, huh? She’s a TV reporter; she cannot do her job without using video. Anyway, Oliver gets her to give him a month without any attack pieces so he can win her trust and prove he can help the city. That’s…not how journalism works.

Susan agrees and gives him her cell phone number for, well, you know. I repeat, that’s NOT how journalism works!

NEXT: Rumors of Mayor Queen’s death have been greatly exaggerated