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Arrow recap: Lost Souls

Ray’s rescue mission requires all hands on deck, and Sara’s dangerous behavior is only one of the problems Team Arrow faces.

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“Lost Souls” may focus on Team Arrow’s attempts to rescue Ray Palmer, who was just revealed to still be alive, as well as Sara’s assimilation back into the land of the living. But make no mistake: “Lost Souls” is a Felicity story.

For most of the hour, Felicity is in rare form, fueled by anger and guilt in the effort to save Ray. That attempt puts her and Oliver’s relationship through its first major trial, as Felicity wrestles with her desire and her need to save Ray because she blames herself for his current predicament.

And what exactly is that predicament? Well, after doing plenty of digging into his original message, which was sent only six days ago, Felicity makes actual contact with Ray via video. He’s been captured, the technology from his suit wanted for clearly nefarious purposes, but it’s not quite so useful at that size. Wherever he is, Ray has been trapped inside a cube, and though he can’t use his technology while at a shrunken size, he has a plan. Schematics are at Palmer Tech for a device to save him, but when Oliver offers Felicity help to put the contraption together, she rejects it.

She doesn’t just politely tell Oliver his particular set of skills are best used somewhere else, though. Felicity shuts Oliver down, telling him he’s of no help in an uncharacteristically angry fashion. Instead, she enlists Curtis’ help. The only issue is that the quantum manifold (the MacGuffin of choice for the episode) is an item that can only be acquired at Kord Industries. So it’s time to enlist the help of the Green Arrow.

Except there’s actually one more issue to contend with. Felicity’s mother, Donna, is back in town. (ASIDE: Apparently she and Oliver have been texting and building a budding friendship. There are few things quite as hilarious as Emily Bett Rickards’ furious Felicity berating Oliver during a mission about his emoji-filled texts with Donna, especially when everyone else can hear her. END ASIDE) She wants to spend some quality time with her daughter. Felicity is, of course, preoccupied with saving her former love’s life, so she first deals with the all-hands break-in at Kord.

Along for the ride is Sara Lance, back in costume, and adjusting to actually walking around again. She’s spent a little quality time with Laurel and Quentin, but jumping back into battle is perhaps the closest thing to normal she can find at the moment. Unfortunately, the Lazarus Pit still has its hold on her, and so she unsurprisingly acts out during the mission. After Ollie disables the security (hanging upside down on his ropeline to fill his Batman quota for the day), the crew scrambles to find the manifold. Thea locates it just as guards begin unloading clips in her and Sara’s direction.

Rather than fleeing, Sara goes on the offensive, striking down one of the guards and pummeling him into submission. She has to be snapped out of it so she doesn’t kill him with the mission already successfully completed.

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While Sara’s behavior is a concern, perhaps more worrisome is Felicity’s revelation as to who has Ray — Damien Darhk. Yes, he appears on Ray’s video feed, only further sending Felicity into a state of panic. Oliver, however, takes this as good news because they can use Quentin to investigate Damien for them. But that will require some time that Felicity does not want to waste.

Oliver tries to keep her mind off of the current peril by suggesting she have dinner with her mother. Maybe Oliver could even join them because, well…he already scheduled the dinner. She shows up, and Oliver comes home, after having set up the plan, with Quentin to an undercooked chicken cordon bleu. But because domesticated Ollie was such a natural homemaker, he decides to help whip something up.

The dinner is fraught with tension, however, and what’s being served is the last thing on Felicity’s mind. Donna senses the issues hanging in the air and gives the two some space (but not without letting Felicity know how great make-up sex can be), allowing them to admit what’s really wrong.

And it’s not what Oliver expects. The issue is that Felicity blames herself. Ray had been sending messages for weeks after his disappearance, but she missed them because she was off with Oliver. She didn’t second guess the lack of a body because she was so wrapped up in their relationship. She was losing herself in someone else, and suddenly Felicity is not so sure if that’s the type of person she wants to be.

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