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Arrow recap: Beyond Redemption

Capt. Lance and Felicity face blasts from the past while contending with a new threat.

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Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey
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Can someone you know be so deceptive, behave so out of character, that they’re beyond redemption? That’s one of the questions facing Oliver and the gang on tonight’s Arrow, which forces Quentin into one of the worst situations a father could imagine (though it’s doubtful any dad could even fathom what Quentin faces).

Laurel and Thea have brought Sara back from Nanda Parbat, but she’s still in feral mode, so Laurel has chained her sister up in the basement and begun to treat her like a rabid pet. They’re still keeping Oliver in the dark (Laurel doesn’t want to deal with his judgment for her actions), which allows the rising Queen to initiate his run for mayor.

And what better place to do that than the site of a corrupt alderman’s office? Yes, Oliver has purchased Sebastian Blood’s old stomping grounds with the intention of turning them into the home base of his mayoral campaign. It doesn’t hurt that the place has a secret elevator to what had previously been Blood’s lair because Ollie has, with some generous help from Cisco and S.T.A.R. Labs, transformed the dingy underground dwelling into Lair 3.0.

The massive superhero playground is a vigilante’s dream, with massive room for strategizing, special cases for costumes (wouldn’t it just be easier to have those things hanging on a rack somewhere?), and more than enough tech to keep Felicity’s fingers working on every case.

It just so happens she has one for them as the rest of the team is being introduced to their new digs. Two cops were shot down at the site of a drug bust, and Oliver wants to take up the cause. He approaches Quentin about it, also revealing his mayoral aspirations and his desire for Quentin’s endorsement. Quentin isn’t so keen on the idea, but he is willing to help if it means discovering who took out the members of his force.

Their hunt at the crime scene reveals a SIM card Felicity uses to triangulate a potential location for the killers. Upon investigation of the nearly abandoned building (and here is your weekly reminder of just how abandoned this city seems to be), they find a locked up room full of Star City PD gear and weaponry.

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Worried that cop killers are on his force, Quentin begrudgingly teams up with the team to draw these possibly dubious cops out into the light. Recognizing a pattern of drug busts, Oliver has Thea connect with one of her old contacts for, oh, just a questionable amount of cocaine, which they lay as a trap for this mysterious group.

They take the bait, and the ensuing fight is a bust. The group, which is later revealed to be using equipment for the once-defunct, now-reactivated vigilante task force is armed and trained well enough to fend off the group of, well, vigilantes. Everyone makes it out alive, but the group, led by task force member Liza Warner, reveals the shaky ground it stands on after the fight. Liza believes they are not criminals (despite the whole multiple murders thing), and doesn’t want them to kill Quentin, instead hoping to make him a solution.

And being the “solution” for an uncontrollable splinter group is the last thing Quentin needs. Laurel brings the poor man down to her basement where she reveals Sara is back from the dead. Almost immediately he’s able to see what Laurel refuses to acknowledge. This isn’t Sara, and she’s only causing him more pain when he knows this cannot end well. (Paul Blackthorne sure knows how to deliver the heartbreak, mixing all of Quentin’s fury, sadness, shock, and maybe even a sliver of happiness to create a few potent, powerful moments. It’s horrific to watch this man grapple with the unthinkable reality of the scene before him.)

This revelation leads Quentin to seek out assistance from the one man he would most like to free himself of: Damien Darhk. He knows Damien is wrapped up in all things mystical, and with the knowledge that she was revived via the Lazarus Pit, Quentin hopes the despicable new crime lord of Star City might help. But his only help is advice, from one father to another: Put Sara back in the ground, because this is no daughter of Quentin’s.

So the status of one daughter is dubious at best, and the closest thing he’s had to a son who he now harbors great rage for, Oliver, is lying in wait at his apartment. He saw Capt. Lance’s meeting with Damien while Felicity scanned the city for Liza and her troupe, and Oliver is not pleased. He believed Lance to be better, until tonight. However, as Ollie soon learns, Quentin’s dealings with Damien extend far beyond tonight.

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