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Arrow recap: Eleven-Fifty-Nine

Oliver wrestles over whether to trust Andy Diggle as Damien Darhk makes plans to escape prison, causing a Team Arrow casualty along the way

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Diyah Pera/The CW


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Distrust, disastrous betrayal, and death — and it all comes before the stroke of midnight on the latest Arrow.

Yes, after teasing from the onset of the season, the show revealed just who ends up in the mysterious grave first glimpsed last fall. That loss to Team Arrow comes after a rather unfortunate series of events after things had, relatively, reached some normalcy for the team. Damien Darhk was in jail, they had his idol on lockdown, and everyone made it out alright from the assault on Palmer Tech last week.

Even behind bars, Darhk’s machinations to carry out Genesis are still in effect, with Malcolm Merlyn assisting the prisoner in breaking free.

His first move to do so came last week as he approached Andy Diggle, who in “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” first appears to still be playing for the good guys. He reveals to John that Merlyn approached him, suspecting that he’s in the picture because of friction between H.I.V.E. and Darhk.

Andy, in a clear sign that he’s reformed, asks his brother for guidance after he’s been asked to help hijack a missile shipment. While Oliver worries about having Andy go undercover to help Merlyn (he still barely trusts the guy), he temporarily agrees to go along with that plan…right after a quick visit to Ruvé Darhk (Adams, to the public).

Ruvé, the new mayor to Star (by default, but even after dropping out of the race, Oliver saw an unprecedented number of write-in votes), accepts her new position while spouting a full-on Donald Trump slogan of making this city of theirs great again. One of her steps in doing so is having Laurel Lance become the new district attorney as the current DA becomes her deputy. (Pulling Laurel away from her husband’s trial probably doesn’t hurt, either.)

It’s a decision that Laurel sways back and forth on throughout “Eleven,” considering it first while she and Thea watch over the lair. Meanwhile, the boys, on Andy’s intel, go out to take down the missile hijacking, which they do so with ease. Too much ease, as far as Oliver is concerned.

If Oliver wanted a challenge, he should have stayed back at base. Malcolm shows up in search of the idol, siccing his holdover League of Assassins faithful on Laurel as Thea chases after her father. Malcolm eventually gains the upper hand, seizing the idol and fleeing as Laurel fends off his foot soldiers.

As the two halves of the team regroup at base, Laurel almost immediately keys into Oliver’s concerns about the hijacking. They stem back to his concerns over Andy, which Laurel acknowledges but warns him that Oliver better have some damn good evidence before accusing Andy of anything in front of Diggle.

Laurel has her own concerns in deciding whether or not to take the DA job. Quentin assumes she’ll be turning it down, but the thought of being close to Ruvé could prove useful for the team. Quentin understands, but he, much to his own surprise, warns her that accepting this new position would almost assuredly mean hanging up the Black Canary mask for good (or at least, you know, until she theoretically got another job at some point.)

Laurel keeps her decision-making largely to herself, though, while the team fights to retrieve the idol. Using information Andy provides, the team heads to a warehouse (because where else would any bad guy in Star City operate?) to track Merlyn down. Andy is along for the ride to prove his merit to Oliver, even taking an arrow for the Arrow when they find themselves in a room rigged with traps.

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