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'Arrow' recap: 'Broken Hearts'

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Katie Yu/The CW


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Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey
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Cupid has returned to Star City, and once again, she’s compelled by love. But not because she’s in love — because she despises it.

“Love is a bullet to the brain…or an arrow to the heart,” Cupid says to a young couple she has tied up in her hideout. They claim to love each other above all else, but for Cupid, love is now the root of pain, of destruction. So she intends to show the rest of the world just how disastrous love can be.

Cupid intends for her message to be heard loud and clear in “Broken Hearts,” as she positions the now-dead couple into the shape of a heart for the cops to find with a note saying “Love is dead.”

The week’s less-than-cheerful villain with romance on the mind comes at the perfect thematic time, of course, as Oliver and Felicity are contending with the fallout of their split. And it is indeed a split, despite how much Oliver wants to patch things up. Felicity has everything packed to move out of the apartment, the engagement is officially off, and yet the two still work together on Team Arrow, making things all the more contentious.

Felicity fills the rest of the team in on their break-up, which impels Diggle to play the wise friend to Oliver yet again and try to get to the root of what’s really happened to this once madly in love couple.

Cupid’s latest murders, however, put that soul-searching on hold, particularly once Thea identifies the murdered couple. Apparently no one else on the team (read: the older members) has Snapchat or an Instagram or whatever the kids are using these days, so they’re unaware they were one of the most famous couples in the city.

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Assuming Cupid is going after high-profile unions, Felicity tracks down a newly married couple on the night of their nuptials. The newlyweds are off to their honeymoon, whisked off in their limo with Cupid in the driver’s seat. Ollie and the crew head out to intercept the limo, with Oliver eventually tracking Cupid down on her own as she escapes into a building.

As the Green Arrow makes his way into the building, the limo comes careening back in and stops, only for Oliver to find the front of the car empty. Cupid swoops in for a quick tussle in which Oliver believes he’s kidnapped his returning nemesis, only for her to escape her bonds.

Luckily, despite how unhappy she may be with Oliver, Felicity is no less excellent at her job in the aftermath of their break-up, tracking Cupid down to a wedding dress storage warehouse that she’s been using as a hideout. Among her belongings is a picture of Oliver and Felicity, suggesting they were on her hit list, until that pesky inclination to lie caused the two to split up.

But Oliver sees no other option. They have to get married. Well, fake married, at any rate. Oliver never canceled their deposit at the location for the wedding (he says doing so would make their split official, to which Felicity counters that it already is), and though she’s reticent, the rest of the group’s agreement to the plan means a fake wedding is on.

NEXT: A wedding, a trial, and, an island [pagebreak]

Unsurprisingly, Felicity is less than enthused to be standing in a wedding dress opposite the man she broke off an engagement with, and so the vows she gives are vague, salty, and to the point. Oliver, however, delivers heartfelt vows, vows meant to show Felicity how much he truly cares about her, how much he’s willing to change for her.

Yet whatever truth lies in the moment is ruined as the artifice of the faux wedding succeeds in attracting Cupid’s attention. Jumping into the wedding hall, she shoots an arrow straight into Oliver’s chest, sending him crashing to the ground as she once again pontificates about love. She’s lost the two men she’s ever truly loved, and now she intends to show the world that love itself is death.

But the death she thinks she’s causing tonight is also a sham, when Oliver stands up and reveals he was wearing Kevlar. Cupid, however, has more than her bow and arrows on hand, as she’s rigged the building with C-4. Luckily, Diggle and Thea arrive on the scene to fight with her, and, thanks to a little teamwork, they’re able to knock her out, secure the detonator, and save the day.

Cupid is not the only villainous entity on Team Arrow’s minds, though. Damien Darhk stands on trial. (Superman’s on trial! The Punisher’s on trial! Everyone gets a trial!) Yet his lawyers are doing their darndest to have the case immediately dismissed. At first, things seem to be leaning their way, and not just because his representation attempts to claim he is in fact not Darhk at all but a man from Markovia.

Laurel’s case against Darhk faces a number of obstacles. She has no actual evidence in the preliminary hearings, and all of her subpoenaed witnesses find a way out of testifying, leaving her with the one option she doesn’t want to consider.

Capt. Lance has to take the stand, incriminating himself in the process and revealing Darhk’s plans and how he blackmailed Lance. He does just that. Despite Laurel’s utter lack of other evidence, Lance’s testimony, his willingness to implicate himself despite his position, allows the trial to move forward without bail for Darhk.

Lance is temporarily suspended pending an investigation, but Darhk is at least off the streets…for now. During his menacing first minutes in his jail cell, he reveals he snuck his ring into jail in his mouth, implying he has no intention of remaining behind bars.

Even with two wins in the course of a single night, Team Arrow is still fractured at its head, and that’s because of Felicity and Oliver. He meant every word of his vows, but she wants him to accept that, as much as they may love each other, they are over and there is no way to fix that. She wants him to keep the engagement ring. And this time, she wants him to keep it for good.

On the Island 

Baron Reiter continues his expedition into the cavern revealed at the end of the last episode, where he and his prisoners stumble upon an idol that…well, it does something. He kills one of the men joining them on the journey, allowing his energy to be absorbed by the stone figure, which glows with the power.

Reiter intends to use that power, but Oliver and Taiana steal the idol, knock Reiter around a bit, and make a run for it. Unfortunately, they only find themselves buried deeper in the underground tunnels, with Reiter revealing via radio that the only way back to freedom is through him.

Thankfully, Oliver and Taiana at least secure some firepower when they surprise and knock out a couple of Reiter’s men sent to capture them. Now, back to the man himself.