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Arrow recap: Blood Debts

Anarky reigns as Oliver takes extreme measures to hunt down Damien Darhk

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Katie Yu/The CW


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We still don’t know who’s in the damn grave, but we can cross one name off the list.

Yes, after a month or so of teases insinuating Felicity’s fate and whether it’s tied to the graveyard scene first glimpsed in the season 4 premiere, Arrow finally answered definitively if Oliver’s bride-to-be was no longer meant for this world.

But before addressing that concern, “Blood Debts” picks up in the immediate aftermath from the midseason finale’s limo shooting. Felicity is rushed to the hospital while Oliver goes on a rampage through the Ghosts in town in search of Damien Darhk.

Oliver is perhaps at his most enraged in the wake of the shooting, so driven by his quest for vengeance that he forgoes seeing Felicity at the hospital to keep on the hunt for Darhk. It’s what she would want him to do, he tells the rest of the team — though he also seems to say so to reassure himself of his choices.

Luckily, as the others go to visit Felicity, she is revealed to be alive, though not well. “I have never been more ready to have a bunch of guys poking around inside me,” she accidentally jokes from her hospital bed, but surgeries and recovery still await her.

Otherwise, it’s all hands on deck during the search for Darhk. Diggle interrogates his brother, but it’s Capt. Lance who comes through with the location of Darhk’s office, even if it means blowing his cover in the process.

Arriving ready to strike, Oliver finds quite the surprise at Darhk’s office — dead Ghosts, and the Anarky mark of Lonnie Machin drawn in blood.

Team Arrow isn’t the only party interested in Darhk’s demise, and with Anarky one step ahead of them but one behind Damien, they hope they can use the enemy of their enemy as, if not a friend, then an aid. The blood in Darhk’s office actually belonged to Lonnie’s adoptive parents, so the team descends on their home to find Lonnie, now donning a mask to cover his disfigured (courtesy of Thea) face.

Sitting comfortably on the couch watching TV, Lonnie expected Darhk and the Ghosts to show up, but Team Arrow will have to do for now. He unleashes some hidden firepower on the group as Speedy chases after him.

When she corners him, she prepares to strike, but Lonnie shows no desire to harm her. In fact, he thanks her for a baptism by fire and even tries to tempt out the bloodlust he first saw in Speedy during their initial encounter. (Thea is, of course, trying to fight against that darker nature, having thought that when Darhk attacked her previously and inadvertently sapped her of the desire to kill that maybe she was on a better path.)

Before she can attack, though, Laurel comes by with a quick Canary Cry, and the rest of the team is able to subdue and capture Lonnie.

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Holding him hostage, Oliver uses some excessive force to beat information about Darhk out of him, but Anarky has so little left to lose that he doesn’t give up anything. Reaching peak furious Ollie, the rest of the team talks him into finally paying Felicity a visit. She needs him, and frankly, he needs her.

So Oliver heads to the hospital, where he encounters an understandably distraught and angered Donna. She imparts the news that the doctors have come to her with — Felicity will likely never walk again.

Maybe in part because of the shock of this news (which Oliver appears reticent to accept), he decides to leave the hospital without seeing Felicity when a report that Anarky has been apprehended by the police appears on TV. It seems Laurel clued them in on his location, but Oliver isn’t done with this anarchic menace.

He stops the police transport carrying Lonnie, frees him from his shackles, and sets him loose on Star City to hunt down Darhk. Oliver placed a tracker on him to gauge his progress, but no one back at base is happy with his methods. Diggle, who has finally broken through enough to his brother to gather some information from him, tries to talk some sense into Oliver. He doesn’t want his friend to lose the humanity that he regained nor what made Felicity fall in love with Ollie in the first place. He’s walking down that path, and his best friend, his brother in arms, is concerned for him.

And once Lonnie’s tracker disappears, Oliver is left helpless, uncertain of what to do next.

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