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Arrow recap: 'Guilty'

Ted Grant becomes Oliver’s main suspect when a body is found in his gym, and Roy tries to get to the root of his dreams.

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Arrow Recap
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Brandon Routh is off this week, leaving space for tonight’s episode to focus on another Arrow newbie: Ted Grant. After dancing around the outskirts of the show since his introduction, tonight’s episode finally brings him into the main plot and gives the audience an opportunity to learn more about him. For the first 20 minutes, it feels like a typical standalone Arrow episode that’s merely focused on Ted. However, somewhere around “Guilty’s” halfway point, the main plot converges with the B-plot, which concerns Roy and his murder-filled dreams, and tonight’s theme becomes clear: the bonds between mentor and mentee, or in superhero terms, between hero and sidekick. It’s a nice idea to explore since Roy is finally a full-fledged member of Team Arrow this season. Unfortunately, it never quite clicks because the episodes leading up to tonight—by being preoccupied with so many other things—have done a poor job of setting this dynamic up.

Flashback — Hong Kong

This week’s flashbacks find Ollie and Maseo tracking down someone who can lead them to China White. Unfortunately, their source dies while running away from Ollie. Before the chase, they saw that he had an envelope on him, but when they find his body the envelope has disappeared, which means he hid it while fleeing. Ollie says he didn’t see where he hid it, but Maseo insists that he did, but just doesn’t remember it.

Later that night, Ollie is still trying to remember what he saw, but ends up playing a game with Maseo’s son. In the other room, Maseo is begging his wife, Tatsu, to help Ollie with his memory problems, however she refuses because she believes Ollie is trouble. But, Maseo needs her help. If he helps Waller capture China White, his debt will be paid and he and his family will finally be able to return home. Tatsu finally gives in and decides to help Ollie, but not before telling him to stay away from her son. With Tatsu’s guidance, Ollie is able to remember where the source hid the envelope.

Maseo and Ollie recover the envelope, and find a picture inside and nothing else. Back at home, Maseo scans the picture because he believes someone has hidden a message in it. His computer decodes the image and it reveals a name: Li Kuan Hui. Ollie tries thanking Tatsu for helping, but she doesn’t want his gratitude. All she wants is for him to leave her and her family as soon as possible.


We open with Roy zoning out as he thinks about his dreams of killing Sara. However, Ollie quickly snaps him out it because they’re in the field and are about to take out a drug cartel. Once they infiltrate the building, they are surprised to find almost every member dead, with some hanging upside down from the ceiling. One of the cartel members uses his last breath to tell them that whoever did this kidnapped one of them before leaving. Roy, who entered via the roof, draws Ollie and Diggle’s attention to the word “Guilty” scrawled in blood across the floor.

Convinced the murders were committed by a rival gang, Ollie heads back out on the street to do some interrogating. Before going, however, he sidelines Roy because he thinks Roy needs to catch up on his rest.

Elsewhere, we see that Laurel has improved a lot in the boxing ring since we saw her last week. Once their training session is over, Ted treats Laurel to some Korean tacos.

Back at the lair, Roy asks Felicity to test his blood. Naturally, Felicity asks what he wants her to test for, but warns him not to say STDs because “that would be crossing the line.” She’s surprised to learn that he wants her to test his blood for mirakuru since he was cured months ago. But she does it anyway, and as she predicted, finds no trace of it in his bloodstream, which Roy is relieved to hear. He tells her about her dreams/memories of killing Sara, and this brings a worried look to Felicity’s face. Has she suspected hm all along? Does this possibility answer a lot of her questions?

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