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'Arrow' recap: 'The Fallen'

A tragedy forces Team Arrow to return to Nanda Parbat.

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It’s no wonder Oliver Queen is suffering from an identity crisis. “Broken Arrow,” last week’s episode, was about how there was no more Arrow. Tonight’s wonderful, fan-service filled, tear-jerker of an episode ended with Ra’s al Ghul declaring that Oliver Queen was no more and all that remained was the Arrow. However, not the Arrow Starling City hated, then grew to love, and then hated again. This was someone different: “The Arrow, Ah Sah-Him, Heir to the Demon.” But, before we get there, we must first wade through the many exceptional moments of tonight’s episode—including Arrow taking its big boy steps into the supernatural. 

“The Fallen” picks up right where “Broken Arrow” left off. Oliver returns home to find Thea on the floor bleeding and struggling to breath. She’s immediately rushed to the hospital, and the doctors are barely able to restart her heart. Oliver and Malcolm crying over Thea’s hospital bed is House-season-4-finale heartbreaking. By the time Diggle and Felicity show up, Oliver is broken and can barely form sentences. He notices smoke in the sky, a.k.a The League’s calling card. 

Wasting no time, Oliver heads to the location and finds Maseo there with a message: the only way to save Thea is to accept Ra’s offer. Because this is family and Oliver’s only weak spot, he accepts. Everyone, including Malcolm who knows of the powers of the Lazarus Pit, objects to Oliver’s decision. Malcolm warns Oliver that submerging her in the pit won’t save her because the experience changes a person’s soul. 

Once Oliver makes up his mind, there’s no changing it. The only thing to do is to play along, so everyone’s going on the field trip to Nanda Parbat. Ray, who knows this is serious and won’t let his realization that Felicity is still in love with Oliver cloud his judgment, even lends them his private jet to make the trip. He’s such a stand-up guy! If there’s one thing to love about this episode, it’s how many times Malcolm, who has turned grandstanding into an art, gets put in his place by everyone else. First on that list is Oliver, who doesn’t have time for any more of his words and tells him to shut-up and get on the plane. 

During the plane ride, Oliver has a heart-to-ear with Felicity. He tells her of the time he came back to Starling City on the DL and killed Thea’s drug dealer. Although we didn’t need to hear his explanation for his actions because we understand—he believed he was protecting Thea—it’s still a welcomed, albeit redundant, moment that underscores how much he loves Thea and how all of this is tearing him apart inside. Stephen Amell does a great job of showing just how much saving Thea’s life require Oliver to abandon her is weighing on his soul. 

Ra’s al Ghul doesn’t understand how to win and not be an ass because he has the League standing at the ready, torches alit and banners waving, when Team Arrow arrives with Thea’s body to welcome Oliver Ah Sah-Him home. Ra’s is clearly eager to be done being Ra’s because he wastes very little time between Team Arrow’s arrival and placing Thea is the Lazarus Pit. (There’s enough time for Diggle to diss every member of the League while scolding Maseo for his behavior). There’s some chanting led by an unidentified woman (as far I could tell) before Thea is submerged. Thea reemerges, and she’s animalistic, fierce, and kind of scary. She kicks Oliver to the ground and has to be subdued by the rest of the League. 

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