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Arrow recap: Family Ties

Oliver takes on a family of bank robbers; Laurel and Tommy’s relationship moves forward

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Arrow Oliver Queen
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….And I’m back. Apologies for my absence, recap readers, you can blame it on Sandy and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show (no, really).

The last two episodes, which were so brilliantly recapped by my sub James Hibberd, had some significant reveals, like Oliver’s mom being very much in cahoots with the enemy, and Laurel being well, um kind of annoying.

In contrast, tonight’s episode didn’t really deliver any truth bombs, but it did make strides in developing the relationships between some of the major players and by giving Oliver a mission beyond his father’s list.

Let’s dig in below:

Just in case you forgot that corrupt rich people aren’t the only threats to a struggling city, tonight’s episode opens with a bank robbery by a group of less privileged masked gunmen.

After a training session, Dig tells Oliver that he wants to go after the robbers, especially since one of them shot a cop, but Oliver says he’d rather focus on taking down Scott Morgan, a bad businessman name-checked on “the list.” Dig doesn’t understand why Oliver is so tied down to the list, and tells him that he’s got a “narrow definition of being a hero,” but the ever stubborn Oliver simply retorts that he’s not a hero.

Instead of letting the matter go, Dig, who apparently really is more than just a sidekick, tricks Oliver into coming to the hospital to meet the injured police officer’s distraught wife. The emotional blackmail works and Oliver declares he’s going to go after the robbers. Side note: For a guy who’s trying to keep his vengeance seeking alter-ego under wraps, Oliver sure does seem comfortable yelling out, “Let’s go catch some bank robbers,” in a public space.

While the two review footage of the bank robbery, Oliver spots an obscure ring on one of the gunmen and realizes it could be the key to unearthing his identity. He quickly dons his Arrow costume and sneaks into the police precinct to get photos of the bank manager who was punched by the man wearing the ring.

After analyzing the indentation’s on the bank manager’s face, Oliver discovers it was left by a high school class ring. He manages to link the ring—a little too easily if you ask me—to, Kyle Reston, a high school student who, along with his family, dropped off the grid right before his senior year. It doesn’t take long for Oliver to tie the entire clan—including the mother–to the robbery.

NEXT: Oliver gives the Reston family a second chance…