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Arrow recap: Who's in the Mood for Ice Cream?

Arrow and Laurel bond over dessert; China White makes her entry

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Arrow certainly got off to a solid start last week, but tonight’s episode really convinced me this series is worth committing to. While the premiere focused heavily on Arrow/Oliver’s backstory (and, understandably so), episode two sets up his relationships with Laurel and his bodyguard — both of which will evidently become more significant as the season progresses. It also introduces some new players (China White!) and major plot twists. Let’s discuss below:

In case you forgot that this series was high on action, the opening scene kicks off with Arrow physically forcing yet another corrupt businessman to fess up to his crimes.

It’s not long before the confession grabs headlines. The next day, Oliver watches a news report that says the businessman was coerced into confessing by a “mysterious hooded vigilante.” “This guy gets more airtime than the Kardashians,” he says, while pointing to a sketch of his alter-ego on TV. To her credit, his sister promptly responds, “Five years on an island and you still know who they are.” (Oh, if only it was that easy to forget).  “I’ve been catching up. It’s nice to see how much our culture has improved while I was away,” says Oliver sardonically. Sadly, the Kardashian cultural analysis gets cut short as Walter jumps in to ask Oliver if he’s ready to head to the courthouse to deliver his proof of life declaration.

Both Oliver’s mother and Walter promise it’ll be a simple process, but of course, it’s anything but. At the courthouse, Oliver finds himself having to recount the dreary details of his shipwreck. (Wait, so showing up alive isn’t enough to get declared undead?). Even Oliver thinks its strange. Afterward, he declines an invitation to go to see his father’s office on account of being emotionally drained. As he prepares to leave the courthouse, he runs into Laurel, who is there to fight a case against Martin Summers, a drug-smuggling businessman who she thinks killed her client’s father. Needless to say, the meeting doesn’t go well, especially since Laurel still hasn’t forgotten that Oliver told her to stay away from him.

Of course, it’s not long before their paths cross again. Once Oliver finds out that Laurel is going after Summers, he decides its time to cross the businessman off his Revenge list too. After squeezing in a workout (sorry, no salmon ladder this time, though there was some impressive rope climbing), Arrow corners Summers and tells him to confess to the murder or face the consequences. “You failed this city,” Arrow tells Summers. (Yep, that’s his signature line).

Later, Oliver heads home only to get lectured by his mother, who wants to know why he keeps ditching his bodyguard, Dig. Oliver convinces her he was out with a girl and that he just wanted some alone time, but his mom gets emotional about the possibility of losing her son all over again (her emotions seem genuine, though as we saw last week, we can’t trust her just yet). But the drama doesn’t end there! Oliver also gets yelled at by his sister, who claims that all he’s done since coming back from the dead is judge her (ugh, teenagers!).

NEXT: Oliver and Laurel share a tub of ice cream…