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Arrow recap: Back to Vertigo

Oliver takes on Vertigo (again!), while Tommy calls it quits

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Cate Cameron/The CW


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Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey
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Arrow has certainly been on an uptick as of late, but between the return of the Count, a subplot about Deadshot, and cover-up at the club, tonight’s episode felt a bit disjointed. To make matters worse, the driving force behind all the drama was — once again — Starling City’s drug of choice, Vertigo, which, while dangerous, doesn’t exactly make for an intriguing villain.

Let’s dig in:

While Arrow usually opens with an assassination, tonight’s episode opens with a different kind of death: an accidental hit-and-run. The victim? A young girl who, after a night of partying at Oliver’s club, wanders straight into the middle of a busy road.

Det. Lance thinks Oliver and Tommy might know something about her death, so he storms into their club armed with questions. When they both appear clueless, Lance tells them he thinks Vertigo was involved, and warns the guys to make sure no one is dealing inside their establishment.

After Lance leaves, Oliver asks for intel on every one of the club’s employees, particularly the ones with checkered histories. Tommy points out that the list would have to include the both of them. He tells Oliver that he thought the vigilante had taken care of the Count — the man behind Starling City’s last Vertigo crisis — and Oliver says he did.

Well, sort of. Arrow goes to visit the Count, who is locked up in a mental asylum. The Count has clearly lost his marbles, but before Arrow can grill him (or, you know, ask about that lovely crayon drawing in his hands), Lance arrives. The Det. finds the Count repeatedly yelling, “You have failed this city,” (hey, the Count may be crazy but at least he has the good sense to mock Oliver’s terrible catchphrase), and decides he’s too cuckoo to be questioned.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Carly try to spend some time together only for Oliver to call and interrupt. Diggle heads to the hideaway and Oliver gives him the update on Vertigo. Apparently, the latest version is more addictive and more stable. In other words, completely destructive. What’s more perplexing — if not totally unrealistic — is that The Count was the only one who knew the formula for Vertigo. Before Oliver can piece anything together, though, Felicity rushes in and turns on the news. There’s been a new development: The Count has escaped.

NEXT: Diggle goes undercover as a drug addict (though Felicity did offer!)…