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Arrow recap: Exes Gone Wild

Oliver’s crazy ex, The Huntress, is back to stir up more trouble. Meanwhile, sparks fly for Thea and Roy.

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The Huntress Returns
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It’s not always a good thing when an ex swoops back into your life, but it certainly did wonders for tonight’s episode of Arrow. Though I wasn’t always a fan of Helena — especially when it seemed like we were supposed to sympathize with her poor me sob stories — she plays the part of the psycho ex quite well. Fun for viewers, bad for Oliver. Let’s dig in…

When we last checked in on Oliver, he had just revealed his superhero alter-ego to a none-too-pleased Tommy. Now it seems he’s ready to take some time off. After asking McKenna to be his date to the grand opening of his club — yes, it’s actually, finally opening! — Oliver strolls into “work” late and tells Diggle he’s taking a little break from catching bad guys. The break though turns out to be more short-lived than he anticipated, as Diggle tells Oliver that Helena is back in Starling City and stirring up trouble. Her first order of business? Going undercover as a stripper to lure her father’s lawyer into the “VIP” room, where she makes him tell her where her dad is hiding. (He doesn’t know; she believes him but kills him anyway).

Oliver is worried Helena will give up his identity and asks Diggle to look into what motivated her return. He doesn’t have to wait long to find out.

Oliver heads home and finds Helena chatting with Thea. Naturally, he’s a little disturbed. After agreeing to hire Thea’s friend “Roy” at his club (long story short: Thea runs into Roy in the Glades. He calls her a bitch, she offers to get him a job at Oliver’s club. Ah teen romance!). With Thea out of earshot, Helena explains that her evil dad — who, if we recall, Oliver wouldn’t let her kill — is about to cut a deal with the justice department that will get him out of prison and into witness protection. Helena is having none of it. Of course, to take out her dad, she’s going to have to take out a ton of U.S. Marshals. She wants Oliver’s help, but he doesn’t bite. He tells her it’s murder, not justice. Helena, never one to take rejection lightly, threatens Oliver’s family before leaving.

Flashback to the island: Slade and Oliver are trying to figure out how to get to Fyers’ missile-launcher. Oliver off-handedly says it’d be easier to get to it if they could just get all the soldiers in one place and take them out, and Slade decides to do exactly that. He allows himself to get captured by Fyers’ men, only to open fire on all of them once they’ve surrounded him. With the men down, Slade decides to blow up the missile launcher but again, Oliver has a brilliant idea (and this time on purpose!). He takes out the circuit board, and tells Slade that the launcher won’t work without it. In other words, it’s leverage.

NEXT: Helena makes good on her threat…