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Arrow recap: Snatched

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity team up on their first mission; Roy Harper makes his debut

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Arrow Dodger
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Is it me or has Arrow really turned a corner? It’s no coincidence that the two best episodes of the series so far — last week’s and tonight’s — have featured the three best characters: Oliver, Diggle and yes, Felicity.

While last week’s episode helped lay the groundwork for the trio, tonight’s hour helped establish their dynamic both as colleagues and friends. It also did something I didn’t think was possible: make me like Thea (well, okay, sort of make me like  her). But more on that later. First, let’s dial back to the start of the episode…

We kick off with a not-so slick heist at a museum, as a sweaty security guard makes off with a very expensive red ruby. While alarms blaze, the guard takes the jewel to a well-dressed man with a British accent (who we later learn is nicknamed The Dodger), and begs him to disarm the bomb collar around his neck. (Oh, so that’s why he was sweating). The man complies but before he leaves he knocks the guard unconscious.

Cut to Oliver working out at his hideaway. With his gunshot wound apparently fully healed (that was quick!), Oliver decides it’s time to cross another name off the list. His latest target? Ken Williams, a man who stole millions through a pyramid scheme. Before Oliver can go out on his mission though, Felicity overrides the hideaway’s security code and locks him indoors. She’s convinced Williams isn’t all that bad — He’s a widow! With a 10-year-old son! And a dating profile! — and she thinks that maybe Oliver should focus his efforts elsewhere. When Oliver refuses to listen, Felicity tells him she made a mistake signing on to work with him. I wasn’t expecting these two to have such a testy relationship, but it’s definitely working for me. Apparently, it’s working for Diggle too because he watches them go head-to-head with a barely concealed smirk.

Cue flashback: Oliver may have recovered from his gunshot wound in the present day, but on the island Slade is in pretty dire condition. It seems his wound is now infected. Oliver thinks he can save Slade if he finds some of the super herbs that Yao Fei had once used on him. He goes back to the cave where he first took refuge to search for the herbs.

Back in the present, Moira meets with a man, Frank, to talk about the undertaking. She wants out and she’s hoping Frank will help. Moira tells Frank they started the undertaking to fix the Glades, not lay it to waste. She points out that Frank only joined the undertaking because of his daughter, Amanda. Moira asks him what Amanda would want him to do. Clearly, she’s pushed the right button because Frank agrees to help her.

NEXT: Oliver apologizes to Felicity…