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Arrow recap: The Ultimate 'Odyssey'

Oliver almost bites the dust in both the present and the past

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Jack Rowand/The CW


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To promote tonight’s episode of Arrow, the CW released the kind of cinematic trailer usually reserved for big-budget summer flicks. In retrospect, that probably should have been the first giveaway that “The Odyssey” was going to be a cut above the rest.

While the series has been ramping up the emotional drama as of late, it hasn’t always hit the right notes. Tonight, however, it was right on target.

Now grab some popcorn and let’s dig in…

We pick up right where we left off, with Arrow storming into Moira’s office to accuse her of “failing this city.” He asks her if she knows anything about Walter’s disappearance, but Moira swears she has no idea where he is. I guess that’s not technically a lie? Before Oliver can get answers about the undertaking though, a frightened Moira starts begging for her life. She grabs a family photo and tells Arrow she has a son and a daughter who need her. Obviously, this turns Arrow to putty, and he immediately lowers his weapon. The only problem? While he moves his crossbow away from Moira, she grabs her gun and fires straight at him. Turns out, Oliver isn’t the only one with good aim in the family. Moira lodges a bullet right into Arrow’s chest. Luckily, he manages to get away before security shows up, but not without leaving a huge pool of blood behind him. (Side note: I was all prepared to make a snarky comment about the cops not running a DNA test on his blood, but that’s dealt with later in the episode. You win this one, writers).

Of all the cars in all the world… Arrow drags himself into Felicity’s vehicle. To her credit, she manages to keep her cool when she finds a random man in a green hood bleeding in her backseat. But isn’t that why we love her? (Speaking of, can we take a second to celebrate the fact that Emily Bett Rickards has been promoted to a series regular in season 2? Finally, more Felicity!) To gain Felicity’s trust, Arrow removes his hood and reveals his true identity. I certainly wasn’t expecting this reveal to happen so soon, but I’m very glad it did. Bonus points for Felicity’s reaction: “Everything about you just became so incredibly clear.” With the introductions out of the way, Oliver makes Felicity promise to take him to his father’s old factory.

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