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Arrow recap: Trust Falls

No one believes anyone else and John Barrowman touches people a lot

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Jack Rowand/The CW


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Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey
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This week on Arrow, we begin and end with an apology.

First, mine: Your regular recapper was called away to an urgent red carpet emergency, but I’ll do my best in her stead — and in return, I hope you’ll give me a little more credit than Dig gave Oliver this week.

But we haven’t even gotten to the credits! Okay, first thing: We pan up on an armored truck with two bantering security guards inside (they hate each other’s music, but lovably, I imagine). It’s dark and it’s raining and before they — or we — know it, a man in a black mask steps into the road, raises a pretty big gun and fires right at them.

It’s only a smoke grenade launcher, which is little consolation as the men are robbed and relieved of their truck’s contents (mysterious bags all, as if money wouldn’t feel safe in any other kind of container).

Meanwhile: Thea’s turning 18! And wants a car! Her mom isn’t so sure, but Thea plays the younger sibling card and the discussion is tabled for the day.

Meanwhile, hasn’t Oliver’s mom been acting strange? Oliver’s just asking for Thea. No, says Tommy. It’d be weird if she weren’t acting strange, what with her Suddenly Disappearing Spouses. At this exact moment, a news broadcast breaks on the living room TV: It’s footage of the robbery from the night before, and something about it strikes Oliver immediately.

This leads him straight to his hideout for some research and quality quipping time with Dig. On Oliver’s latest request: “You’re finally getting into online dating and need help with your profile?”

Not at all — the robbery footage looks eerily similar to tactics used by some ex-military men who were deployed in Afghanistan. Oliver has been tracking one in particular, a Ted Gaynor.

Dig blanches: Gaynor was his commanding officer. But Oliver, fueled by city-failing righteousness, is unmoved.

“I’m sorry, Dig. Gaynor’s on the list.”

The list (hereafter The List) isn’t enough evidence for Dig, though: Gaynor isn’t rich. Gaynor isn’t evil. Maybe Oliver made a mistake?

“I could be wrong,” he says. “The List isn’t.” Fair enough.

We jump to Tommy doing a lot of yelling and gesturing in what will eventually become a nightclub. Then his phone rings. It’s his dad, looking to clear the air with a dinner invitation. He just wants them “to be close.” Barrowman says it with a hint of a shiver, though, so you know it’s a crazed request.

But Tommy’s fine with it. Can Laurel come, too?

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