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America's Got Talent recap: Audition 2

One magician pulls a playing card out of his butt cheeks and another saws Heidi in half.

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Isabella Vosmikova/NBC

America's Got Talent

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Before the second round of auditions on America’s Got Talent, the judges take to the red carpet to schmooze with a gaggle of people who were too late to score tickets inside the auditorium. Heidi poses for selfies. Howard high-fives strangers. Mel soaks up the applause. Howie keeps a respectable distance from anything breathing. No matter how hard they try, this foursome will never be as popular Mr. Nick Cannon. He oozes swagger. Twitter told me so.

“Audition 2” features singers, dancers, magicians, and an adorable old lady. Combine that greatness with a guy who eats currency for a living, and you have summer’s number one television show. Here’s a breakdown of the contestants…

DM Nation

All Female Hip-Hop Dance Group

Fourteen lady dancers sporting head-to-toe black outfits with glitter piping storm the stage, harnessing enough girl power to make Mel B. proud. The group performs an intricate hip-hop routine in almost perfect synchronization. It’s strong, entertaining, and even earns a “boo-yah” from the judges table. Hit the spray tan booth, ladies; you’re going to the next round. 

Wayne Hoffman


Even though Wayne has an attractive wife and cute baby in the audience, he chooses to place explosives in his mouth before asking an AGT stagehand to light the fuse. To quote Nick, “That doesn’t sound intelligent.” Howard feels that the potential for Wayne to blow his brains out is just good TV. Wayne shows Howie two dud explosives and one live explosive. He asks Howie to shuffle them around while he isn’t looking. Then he plays Russian roulette with three glorified firecrackers. Fortunately for Wayne’s head, the real explosive detonates in a box. Howard is determined to see this man blow up something on his body, so Wayne is invited back to the next round. 

The CraigLewis Band

Singing Duo

Zuri and Jeffrey have been singing together for 10 years. They met at a vocal competition in Atlanta. Both claim they won the contest, and both imagine how many pairs of diamond shoes (thank you Nick Cannon) they will buy with their winnings. Zuri leads the charge, growling out the opening lyrics of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Jeffrey hits the high notes. By the end, all four judges are unanimously in favor of sending the duo to the next round as James Brown smiles from heaven.

Stevie Starr

Professional Regurgitator

Once upon a time, Little Stevie Star swallowed a bumble bee and then coughed it back up. I don’t care who you are—that’s talent. Stevie presents four numbered coins and swallows number 1. Then he swallows number 2 and his microphone picks up the clink of the two coins hitting each other in his stomach. First of all, disgusting. Second of all, amazing. He swallows and clinks the other coins then polls the audience to see which coin they want regurgitated back from below? A few belly wiggles later and up comes three of the four pennies. For some reason, Stevie swallows AN ACTUAL LIGHT BULB, hocks up coin number 4 and then pops out the bulb. If that doesn’t impress you, Stevie pours an entire cup of sugar down his throat, drinks a glass of water, and then manages to produce the entire cup of dry sugar from his insides. Shut. Up. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he’ll eat in the next round. 

Ronnie the Dancer


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Ronnie the Dancer is a little bit famous in Vancouver clubs. He’s been the man on the scene for about 26 years. Ronnie likes to dance old school. He executes some pretty sweet moves to “The Power” by Snap. Just when it’s getting kind of hectic, all four judges punch their red buttons. Ronnie lowers into the splits, places two fingers on the floor, and pounds out a few push-ups just for kicks and giggles. You’re a good man, Ronnie the Dancer, but it’s back to the club for you. 

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