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America's Got Talent recap: Live Round 2

Let’s talk about round 2 favorites.

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Virginia Sherwood/NBC

America's Got Talent

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Twelve America’s Got Talent acts are up on the chopping block. It’s time to see who can plaster on a smile while pushing down the nerves as various acts take the stage to perform. Let’s break down the second live round performances.

DM Nation

The all-girl dance crew hit the floor hard in a military-inspired number that had a touch of Transformers mixed in for good measure. The synchronization was flawless. I would not want to mess with these ladies if I ran into them in a dark alley. I mean, they wear black lipstick. Howard isn’t afraid at all. He tells them that even though they dance to “Run the World” by Beyoncé, it’s the exact same choreography as before.

Derek Hughes

First of all, Derek’s kids are freaking cute. Second, he shares that he became a magician because he sucks at sports. I love this guy. Derek invites Mel B. on the stage to show her how to cheat at cards. The amazing part? He performs a flawless card trick in the process. It involves empty pockets, a deck of cards, sleight of hand, and a witty execution. If he doesn’t get enough votes, Howie and I are going to boycott the show.

3 Shades of Blue

This band, consisting of three brothers and a neighbor kid, are full of mama’s lasagna and ready to rock Howard’s socks off. They make a bold move by singing “Chains” by Nick Jonas. Sure it salutes their tween status, but will the panel of non-tween judges buy the performance? Why yes. Yes they do. It sounded a bit muffled through my television, but everyone LOVES the group and their flawless hair.

Animation Crew

People underestimate this ragtag band of pop and lockers. Probably because they give off a major dork vibe. With that said, they have no problem inserting themselves into a digital video game. And Howard had no problem buzzing them halfway through their act. He thought they were lazy. Heidi nails it when she comments that the video overpowered the performance. Howie predicts that their game is about to be over.

Arielle Baril

Arielle is Heidi’s golden buzzer winner. Her interview package takes place in a library where she studies. Adorable. Arielle opens her mouth and a beautiful aria effortlessly floats out. When a choir backs her up mid-song, I’m undone. Choirs make everything better. Everyone in the auditorium loves this 12-year-old. The judges think she will go far.

Uzeyer Novruzov

Uzeyer is our favorite ladder climber. He’s going higher than he’s ever gone before. It’s time to go big or go home. Sadly, he falls on the shortest ladder just seconds into the routine. After dancing with a mid-size one for another minute, he grabs the big, BIG one. He waits the appropriate amount of time to to summon the courage to climb. Everyone holds their breath and gets the sweats as he scrambles up a very tall ladder with two dudes standing by waiting to clean up his brains in case he falls. Once the judges unclench, they all give Uzeyer a huge endorsement.

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