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America's Got Talent recap: Judge Cuts 3

Would you rather pay to see a guy with a creepy puppet or a guy with a headless mannequin?

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America's Got Talent

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Marlon Wayans made quite a splash when he was announced as the guest judge on America’s Got Talent. Based on the amount of screaming fans, I believe Marlon might be more famous than all four other judges combined. Please note that this speculation does not include the wonder that is Nick Cannon. Any man who can match his shades to the exact electric blue of his suit deserves to reign as king of the AGT castle.

The judges have a tough night ahead of them. Twenty acts will perform and only seven will advance to Radio City Music Hall. Let’s break down the competition…

Triple Threat

Boy Band

Why you remember them: Together since high school

Triple Threat has been very busy since we last checked in. Girls actually recognize them on campus and one even scored a phone number. Best day ever! These guys are completely charming. And they can sing, too. The trio attack Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and even sound respectable on the rapping part. Howard works hard to dash their dreams, but the other judges disagree. Nerd power!

The Squad

Dance Crew

Why you remember them: One dude has a freakishly long, and white, ponytail

During rehearsals, one of The Squad members missed a flip and landed on his back. Ironically, medics put ice on his toes. He is able to execute the back flip on stage without cracking his head open (thank you for the slow motion clip, NBC) and the team finishes the routine with clean, sharp movements. Unfortunately, they performed right before Animation Crew. No offense against The Squad, but comparing their style against Animation Crew is like comparing apples to apple pie. The foundation is the same, but one is definitely sweeter.

Animation Crew

Dance Crew

Why you remember them: Danced out of an artist rendering like the A-Ha video in round one

On the outside, Animation Crew is a silly group of guys who just want to dance. But combine red sequin jackets, fake mustaches, and a whacked out version of “I’ll Be There,” and something magical happens. Their talent extends beyond the animation of their bodies. The presentation of the performance is remarkable. Not to mention the fact that it’s quite different from their previous act. You know you’ve got a winning ticket to Radio City when numerous people backstage whisper, “daaaaammmmmnnnnnn” under their breath.  

Oleskiy Mogylnyy

Hand Balancer

Why you remember him: Two words—headless mannequin

Oleskiy isn’t lacking in the shirtless department. With that said, his act is simply odd. Who dramatically dances to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with a headless woman? My mind was struggling the entire time. It’s so weird, yet he’s so pretty. Why is he grabbing the mannequin’s boob? Am I supposed to be laughing or suggesting a good therapist? Did I mention he’s pretty? Why am I rooting for him?

Johnny Shelton


Why you remember him: Son passed away from cancer

Johnny is back and ready to leave all emotion on the stage. The emotion he chooses this round is feelings of nostalgia. He sings “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. The crowd and the judges fall into a mellow vibe under the smooth sound of Johnny’s voice. Will his lack of energy backfire against him?

Paul Zerdin


Why you remember him: He’s amazing. The end.

Paul commands the stage with his creepy puppet baby. He easily makes the audience forget that he’s the only living person on that stage. It’s obvious that he’s been doing this for a very long time. In fact, he’s so talented that Marlon slams his golden buzzer! Paul’s look of shock is endearing. Like Mel B., I’m looking forward to meeting more of his puppets. That is not a euphemism.

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