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''American Idol'': Were the wrong people booted?

Millions have voted, and the first four ”American Idol” semifinalists are eliminated. What do you think about who got the ax — and how the show did it? Weigh in!

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”American Idol”: Were the wrong people booted?

Poor Judd Harris! Maybe it was the red velvet pants that did him in, or maybe his choice of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s rocking ”Travelin’ Band” didn’t quite jibe with his Joey Tribbiani looks. Whatever the reason, Harris ended up as one of the two lowest vote getters among the 12 male finalists on this week’s overly long (and overly cruel) elimination edition of American Idol — and most EW.com readers didn’t see it coming. ” I thought Judd was adorable,” wrote Tommy, ”I hope he makes it to the finals.” Sorry, but the energetic Harris is heading back home (so much for taking a risk!), along with Jared Yates. The latter’s eviction from Idol, however, was far more predictable, given his lackluster rendition of ”How Could I” on Monday night.

As for the two ousted women, neither Sarah Mather nor Melinda Lira garnered much love from EW.com posters. FrankCincy noted that Sarah looked constipated during her Tuesday-night rendition of ”Get Ready” and that Melinda shouldn’t have chosen a Celine Dion song unless she’d planned to outsing the French-Canadian superstar. Still, the two other weak links among the ladies, Amanda Avila and Janay Castine, should be thankful to have survived into week 2.

Finally, with just one full performance under the contestants’ belts, two front-runners for Most Polarizing Contestant have already emerged: saucy Mikalah Gordon and brooding Constantine Maroulis (who noticeably failed to applaud Mikalah’s performance this week). EW.com reader Becky posted that Mikalah ”annoys the heck” out of her, but Brandon called her ”a weird cross between Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand — in a good way.” And while I personally gave a thumbs-down to Maroulis’ pitchy rendition of ”Kiss From a Rose,” reader Claire suggested that perhaps instead of calling the rocker ”smug,” I meant to say ”humble, talented, hopeful and mmmm-yummy.”

Um, yeah. That’s exactly what I meant.

What did you think about this week’s eliminations? Did America send home the right people? Who ought to be thanking their lucky stars that they’re still in the competition? And did you find Ryan Seacrest’s varied fake-out elimination techniques a little too cruel for comfort?