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American Idol recap: Top 4 Perform

Emotions ran high as the Idol Top 4 took on classic rock hits and Sia power ballads

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Here we are, American Idol fans. Tonight we determine the final four that will compete in the last two weeks of Idol competition ever. But as we near the end and see people like La’Porsha and Trent really step up to the plate, the season is really starting to come together as if it’s the good old days. It also helps that we have two former finalists back to celebrate with us. Katharine McPhee and David Cook perform tonight. I’m super happy for David, but honestly, I’ve been wearing the same white blouse and jeans, sit/laying on the floor, waiting on Katharine’s return since the last episode ended.

And then there’s the fact that Steven Van Zandt and Sia are mentors this week. And La’Porsha is wearing dreads. And I dropped my pizza on the floor. To be clear — it’s all very overwhelming. To kick off the night, we start with the classic rock round, which means that Steven Van Zandt will kick off as mentor. In case you hadn’t heard, Steven’s second-greatest claim to fame is being a pop culture icon. His absolute greatest? Being Scott Borchetta’s friend. 

Classic Rock Round

La’Porsha Renae, “Wanted Dead or Alive”

Rank: Third (I don’t even know. I’m sorry)

Oh, Lord. A classic rock-La’Porsha combo sounds like a dangerous mixture, but to be an American Idol, sometimes you have to make the odd choices work. I don’t know who led La’Porsha to Bon Jovi because, to be honest, it makes absolutely no sense. With that being said, it’s in her subdued, gritty moments that (for the first time this season) I not only saw La’Porsha as the clear front runner of this competition, but also as an Idol alum who could actually have a career. Is La’Porsha a cowboy with a steel horse? Nah. Was this her best performance? Absolutely not. But it’s the fact that La’Porsha is so distinctive that makes a mismatched song choice acceptable.

Also, La’Porsha’s hair took 14 HOURS TO DO. For reference, I put on a hat after three minutes of attempting to fix my hair this morning.

MacKenzie Bourg, “I Want You to Want Me”

Rank: Fourth

Guys, I know this sounds crazy, but it seems as if TV Boyfriend MacKenzie Bourg is taking an uptempo rock song, revamping it under a singer/songwriter-guise, and making you feel super trendy for even listening to it. Oh, wait…I love MacKenzie, and this performance is good, but as we draw to a close, I can’t help but to feel that MacKenzie is the captain of the B team. And it appears that the judges agree. They all comment that the energy of his performance is too low to be uptempo but too fast to be a ballad. If we’re sticking with the rock theme, then it only makes sense to say that you got La’Porsha on your left, Sonika on your right, and MacKenzie is stuck in the middle.

David Cook, “Heartbeat”

I know this is about David Cook, but have we heard from David Archuleta lately? I googled him, and it appears that he’s very big in the Philippines, like Kenny Rogers Roasters. I like to believe that Kenny Rogers and David Archuleta have dinner a lot. ANYWAY, David Cook performs “Heartbeat,” with past seasons’ footage playing behind him, and for some reason, I get super emotional about it. “Heartbeat” is the quintessential “end of an era” song and, like a lot of David Cook’s performances, I don’t particularly understand much of what he’s singing but enjoy it.

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