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'American Idol' recap: San Francisco Auditions, Part 2

The season 14 auditions come to a close.

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Season 14’s audition tour comes to a close tonight. We’re back in San Francisco, which delivered a couple of killer contestants last night. With any luck, more are on the way.

First up is Adanna Duru, a college freshman who shares with us adorable pictures of her childhood dance recitals. She sings Lady Gaga’s “You and I,” and I hear a touch of Fantasia Barrino in her tone, which is thrilling because Fantasia is the best. This girl, “the full package” as J.Lo notes, gets some constructive criticism from Harry in which he tells her to make sure she really thinks about the meaning behind each lyric. When Harry dispenses this brand of advice, I think it means he really likes the contestant and genuinely wants him or her to succeed. I’m curious to see what happens to her in Hollywood, which is where we’ll see her next week.

Christopher Michael, 26, announces that he’s going to perform an “original anthem,” which he “spit out like butter” when he was using stress as his fuel. (What?) Here’s a sampling of the lyrics to his stress-fueled anthem, which he growls at the judges:

Such a stressful time right now in my life, yeah

Ain’t gonna run away

I’m gonna look that beast right in his eyes

I’d like to share more with you, but I honestly can’t understand him. It’s pretty aggressive and he’s playing his guitar quite violently, and it’s the first time we’ve seen the judges laugh at a contestant this season. Which is sad to see, but I honestly can’t blame them. Harry was so moved by Christopher’s passion that he threw his chair and, I’m pretty sure, broke it. Yikes, you guys. Michael leaves with an undisclosed amount of stress, but chalks his dismissal up to his being “too hard rock.” Okay.

Malibu resident Hunter Larsen enters next, and throws a little of “That’s Life” at us, and it’s not at all what I was expecting. Her voice has an old-timey quality to it with a touch of grit. She’s an obvious yes for the judges.

Hey readers, have any of you guys ever auditioned for Idol (or The Voice or The X Factor, for that matter)? These stadium auditions in front of the producers look SO terrifying and brutal. How many rounds of that do you have to go through before you even get to the judges?

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