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American Idol recap: Kansas City auditions, part 2

More finalists from the American Idol Bus get their time in front of the judges.

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Michael Becker/Fox

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Welcome to American Idol, week two! We’ve come so far, but man, do we have a ways to go.

We’re back in Kansas City this week, and we’re going to see more of the bus people. (Remember the American Idol Bus? Travels around to small cities, invites the best contestants to audition in front of the judges, in this case, in Kansas City. This is actually a great idea, and one that I didn’t fully understand until this moment.)

First up, meet Big Ron, or as the ladies like to call him (he says), Big Sexy. Big Sexy seems like a lot of fun, and thinks that Miss J.Lo will really feel him. Lots of luck, Big Sexy. (Worth noting he walks in singing a slowed down version of Jenny from the Block. I like this guy.)

Big Sexy, real name Ron Wilson, obviously chooses to sing “Let’s Get it On” and is having a good time bantering with J.Lo. in the beginning of the song. Harry and Keith choose to talk over his entire audition, intended as a bit to imply that Big Sexy and J.Lo are the only two folks in the room (bits, you guys!), but instead I just can’t hear Big Sexy’s audition and I’d really like to, because Big Sexy is some easy listenin’.

It’s amazing that Harry is comfortable offering criticism of Big Sexy—he says there’s a lot of showmanship and there should maybe be more vocal oomph—considering he didn’t see his full audition, but Big Sexy gets three yeses anyway. It would have been nice to see more of Big Sexy. I think they showed about 2 percent of what he can do with that voice, so I look forward to seeing him during Hollywood week. One to watch.

Sidenote: Kansas City looks lovely! I’ve never been but am putting it on my long-weekend list. Travel tips are welcome.

Notable contestant #2 of the evening is Joey Cook. I’m intrigued by Joey Cook, who has blue hair and looks like a mix of Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham, so I obviously love her immediately. We get a little accordion action from Joey, which is different and shockingly doesn’t annoy me. (I must be in a good mood because normally this entire uber-hipster gig would drive me insane.) She sings “The King of Spain,” and the judges go wild for it.

But let’s talk about Joey. Joey is a great example of something Idol loves: a unique, kind of kooky singer who is absolutely talented but will never be fully embraced by America. Which is not to say she’s not good or shouldn’t be sent to Hollywood week, but rather that the judges fall in love with people who are awesome but won’t be voted for by the people who vote religiously, like my parents. (Remember Siobhan Magnus of season 9?)

To his credit, Harry does tell Joey-with-the-accordian that she should be careful to not become too much of a novelty, which I appreciate. But Joey is off to Hollywood, and I wonder if her hair color will change by then. As she’s running through the halls celebrating, she mumbles “I’m going to break my accordion!” So cute.

NEXT: Country music is tough, y’all.