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American Idol recap: Kreedom and the Candy Girl

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison both prompt Keith Urban to throw up his gospel hand in the season 12 finals

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Candice Glover Idol Finale

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Kree Harrison and Candice Glover sang their hearts — and guts! — out during Wednesday’s hour-long performance finale in three rounds: Simon Fuller’s Pick, Coronation Single, and Repeat of a Favorite Performance. Candice, who certainly Has Something if you catch my drift, finished things out with a raging showstopper. Aw, Kree. I say that 1) because I can’t believe I’m going to have to stop typing such a fun nonsense word — “Kree” — so often after tonight, and 2) because WHY WOULD SHE CHOOSE TO GO FIRST?

Well, let’s have the top 2 ladies explain it. As Ryan flipped the coin last week, Kree actually whispered to Candice to ask, while it was spinning, which position she preferred, and Candice was like “I don’t know? Second?” So Kree just obliged! “That’s Kree. Every day,” Candice told EW after the finals. “She doesn’t think about herself at all. She puts everyone before herself.” And Kree weighed in: “I think it comes down to the singing, the connection. The order doesn’t matter.” [Read more.]

Ryan Seacrest mercifully kept things moving by checking in with only two judges at a time at the end of the first two rounds. That was cool, right? They’re all goners anyway, most likely, so why even bother? The exchanges were more like conversations this way, instead of the usual set of rehearsed speeches — and every conversation ended right on time for a commercial break. Lovely!


Kree, Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”: Idol has always been very subtle in its onstage imagery, and the giant blue wings hovering around Kree’s shoulders as she sang this late-’90s weeper were no exception. Was that supposed to represent an angel, maybe? I don’t know what to think! This wasn’t the strongest start Kree could have made — some of her tonal variations to the original seemed off, and at times neither she nor the accompaniment seemed to have a handle on what the timing should be.

I did agree with Mariah that a delicate lyrical delivery can really work for Kree; I just don’t know if “Angel” was the best venue for that.

On a superficial but nonetheless important note, this was Kree’s boobiest performance to date.

Just felt like documenting this exceedingly awkward moment for Ryan!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 5.57.54 PM


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