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American Idol recap: Nothing Without a Woman or a Girl

Jessica and Joshua deliver season highs. There’s no, no, no way you’re living without the Top 4, “our favorite swingers”

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“Listen something.” –Randy Jackson

. . .

R. Yo summed up American Idol‘s Top 4 performance show pretty perfectly right there, but I suppose I can do my part to expand on things. This week, Jessica, Joshua, Phillip, and “even Hollie” — J. Lo, you are EVIL — took on two new random themes. For “California Dreamin’,” they could sing any song by any artist who had ever been aware of the state of California. For “The Song I Wish I Wrote,” they could sing any song. Pretty good themes! I predict next week’s will be “Songs.” Really, there’s no need to confuse us. We get it. They’re singing songs.

The Updos I Wish I Revoked

Even Phillip Phillips‘ brother-in-law thought last week‘s “Time of the Season” sounded pretty rough. Maybe he should be a judge. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” was an all-around average Phillip performance, though I was struck at how much more engaged he seems with his music when sexy jazz sax maestro Mindi Abair (a.k.a. She Bangs) is in town. Phillip was able to interact with her and Beach Hat Organist pretty well, even though he was planted pretty far away from them.

If this had just been Phillip, his guitar, and stock footage of surfers on the giant oval, I might have dozed off. I never knew that “the rain comin’ down over me” was intended to represent a gnarly wave. Clearly I need to work on my California Dreamin’!

J. Lo said Phillip’s “Rain” had a “Joe kinda Cocker quality” to it that she hadn’t heard before. It’s like she’s never seen an episode. That’s so weird. I thought she was one of the judges.

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