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American Idol recap: Stevie, Take the Wheel

Stevie Nicks mentors the Top 9 contestants, and breaking news from Randy: They all want to win it!

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Have you any dreams you’d like to sell? It’s only Stevie Nicks who wants to wrap around your dreams and… convert them into what ended up being one of the best Idol episodes ever! What a coup to have this rock and roll legend and one of my favorite singers of all time as a guest mentor. She was able to pinpoint exactly what the Top 9 contestants needed to hear, and a wide-open “the idols sing songs from their idols” theme was exactly what season 11 needed this week. Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone…

Stevie brought her patented brand of gypsy magic to the show.

I’m also obsessed with this. (Coke!) But my long and twisted tumble down a google image search rabbit hole is not important right now. Let’s get to this week’s performances.

Stevie assured Colton Dixon that Tommy Hilfiger is not the boss of him when it comes to his hair, so I guess we’re stuck with the skunk for now. Colton chose his “favorite worship song of all time,” Lifehouse’s “Everything.” The judges raved wildly about his emotional composure and believability. I could tell the guy was passionate about this song, but I wasn’t feeling it. Then again my favorite worship song is probably “Party and Bulls—,” so I’m probably not the type of Idol viewer our friend of God is desperate to reach. I’ve decided I like Colton Dixon a lot more when he’s on the piano.

Throughout the night Randy would not shut up about Colton having “thrown the gauntlet,” probably because evil gargoyle Nigel Lythgoe kept furiously whispering Colton’s name into Randy’s earpiece.

“GRANDPA HAS TEARS,” Ryan announced. Very cute grandpa. My favorite worship grandpa of all time.

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